Is Jenna Ortega The Newest Target Of Striking Hollywood Writers?!

MOVIE NEWS – Jenna Ortega has become the target of taunting messages from striking Writers Guild of America members for claiming she rewrote the script for the Netflix hit series Wednesday.



The Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike continues. It seems that Wednesday star Jenna Ortega was the latest to come under fire for taunting protesters. The actress claimed she had “punched up” the script for the hit Netflix series. Some of the strikers are now joking that if Ortega had tampered with the script, she should have stood up for the “other writers”…

Wednesday broke rating records in its first week on the streaming platform, with 411 million hours of views.

Fans celebrated when the popular series was renewed for a second season. They’ll get to see more of Ortega’s brilliant performance as Wednesday Addams, for which he received high praise. However, in recent interviews, Ortega noted that he had changed some of the lines in the series, which are now being used against him.

To tease Ortega’s “bad behaviour” on set, BoJack Horseman writer Nick Adams posted a tweet last week mocking Ortega and asking him to “be back from NY for her afternoon shift on the picket line”. The reference was to the writers’ strike, which could last more than a month. Things quickly escalated when House Party writer Brandon Cohen was spotted on the picket line holding a sign that read, “Without writers, Jenna Ortega will have nothing to punch up!”

To put the comments in context, Ortega appeared on a podcast in March and talked about her struggles with Wednesday. She admitted that while filming, she asked to have her lines changed because it “made no sense at all” for her character. After the writers’ comments, many fans of the Netflix series came to Ortega’s defence.

He is credited with bringing some of the show’s more popular moments to life, including the dance scene at school that quickly went viral.

WGA members are on strike after negotiations with the Film and Television Producers Association failed. Some 11,500 people involved in writing Hollywood shows and films have not gone to work since 2 May. Their demands include streaming compensation and benefits packages. The strike is already affecting significant projects. For example, Marvel Studios’ Blade reboots production, which has had to be halted.

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