What Was Parker’s Last Line in Alien? Four Possible Versions

MOVIE NEWS – In the classic sci-fi horror Alien, Parker (Yaphet Kotto) is one of the most memorable characters, heroically trying to save Lambert (Veronica Cartwright) from the monster at the end. But what exactly did he say before the alien destroyed him? Let’s look at four possible versions!


Alien was released in 1979 and has remained one of the best films in the genre ever since. The film stars Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) as a crew member of a commercial spacecraft, the Nostromo. The ship lands on an uncharted planet, where one of its crew, Kane (John Hurt), is attacked by an alien creature that implants itself on his face. Upon returning to the ship, it turns out to be a parasite that hatches from Kane’s chest and begins hunting the crew.

In the film, Parker (Yaphet Kotto) is the ship’s engineer, the smartest and bravest character alongside Ripley. Parker is often confronted by Ash (Ian Holm), the mysterious scientist-robot who is actually assigned to keep the alien alive. Parker is eventually left with Lambert (Veronica Cartwright) as Ripley tries to blow up the ship. When the alien attacks Lambert, Parker rushes to help him, but the alien pushes him against the wall. Parker’s last words are then uttered, but they are so garbled and muffled that many viewers cannot understand exactly what he is saying.


Let’s look at the four possible versions:


“Goddamn you!” This is perhaps the most likely version that many viewers have heard out of Parker’s mouth. It also fits Parker’s personality to curse the stranger that kills him. This version is also confirmed by the official script of Alien, which shows Parker saying this when he fights the alien. In the novel version of Alien, Alan Dean Foster says that Parker shouts this to the alien, while in the Alien comic adaptation, a similar line is used.

“Get out of the road!” is the version that fewer people have heard Parker say, and is probably a mistake. In space “no one can hear you scream” and there are no roads. Unless Parker was so terrified in his final moments that he was completely incoherent, it is unlikely that he would have warned Lambert (or the stranger) to get out of the way.

“Get away!” is another version few have heard from Parker’s lips, but it could be possible. Parker may have been trying to tell Lambert to get away from where the stranger was and try to get away. That would be an understandable request in a situation where their lives are at stake. However, this version does not really fit Parker’s character, who would rather fight than flee.

“Go to hell!” This version is also possible and similar to the first. Parker could also use it to curse the alien that kills him. It would also fit Parker’s personality, who is not afraid to speak his mind. However, this version is not consistent with the script, the novel or the comic.

So what was Parker’s last line in Alien? The most likely answer is “Damn you!” “Damn you!”, but we may never know for sure. Perhaps this adds to the mystique and magic of Alien.

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