Diablo IV: Is There Something Wrong With Everyone’s Favorite Necromancer?!

CEO Rod Fergusson has commented on the current state of Diablo IV Necromancer minions following recent complaints about server slam.



Diablo IV Necromancers can sigh relief as Blizzard Entertainment has listened to their complaints. They are preparing to release a hotfix that will spruce up the weak skeleton minions a bit. The class balance of the game is challenging to pinpoint until release. Because it’s not just modernising archetypes from previous Diablo entries. Compared to Diablo III, it’s even more of an attempt to give the classes a unique play style.

People who played with the open beta in Diablo IV found the druids underwhelming, while many agreed that the necromancers were too powerful.

In particular, their unkillable minions distorted the gaming experience in a way that the other classes could not. Given the feedback from players, the obvious solution for the Diablo IV developers was to tune the Necromancer’s skeletons while also boosting the druid’s abilities. However, the nerf hammer may have struck too hard in the quest for balance.

As the Diablo IV server slam continued, players realised that their immortal army from the open beta was little more than a bunch of shuffling skeletons that would disintegrate if a Fallen decided to sneeze at them. After voicing their displeasure on platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and even the game’s official forums, it became apparent to Blizzard that summoning abilities were lagging behind Bone or Blood abilities. General Manager Rod Fergusson announced that the Necromancer minions are getting some much-needed tweaks.

Given that Fergusson himself is a Necromancer main, some members of the Diablo IV community have never been concerned about the character’s effectiveness, even in its current state.

Prominent streamers such as Asmongold have also provided feedback on the current skeletons. Finally, they thanked the development team for listening to the player base. The hotfix is scheduled to be released during the server slam and will hopefully alleviate the health shortage of Necromancer minions.

Overall impressions are that the server slam will provide a more authentic Diablo IV experience. Legendary drop rates have been reduced to the levels expected at launch. Despite the difficulty in obtaining treasures, players report that 90 minutes of farming in Kor Dragan still results in at least twenty Legendary items. This has fans wondering if Blizzard will lower the rate further to preserve their rarity.

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