Grand Theft Auto VI Could Bring Back Older Characters

Several iconic characters from the franchise’s more than two decades of popularity could be brought back, allowing Rockstar and Take-Two to cater to older fans of Grand Theft Auto.


A lot of time has passed since the first Grand Theft Auto was released. Several main episodes and spin-offs have been released over the years, and many of them have featured characters that we can look back on with pleasure. It’s pointless to give examples because everyone’s favorite character might be different from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, for example. The GTA franchise is primarily set in the United States (except Grand Theft Auto London 1969). Since Grand Theft Auto VI is rumored to be set in Vice City, there is a possibility that some characters could reappear in this location (if they didn’t die in the story of the older episodes).

If Grand Theft Auto VI were set in the modern era, it would be interesting to see what has happened to GTA: Vice City characters since 1986, picking up this particular game might be a bit risky, as Ray Liotta passed away last year. The actor voiced Tommy Vercetti in the game, and with a different voice, it wouldn’t be right for Tommy to return. (True, the character was modeled after Scarface, Tony Montana…) For example, the gun and drug smuggler Juan Cortez and his daughter, Mercedes. Juan might have returned to Central America to take it over, and Mercedes could have stayed in Vice City. Ken Rosenberg may have retired, having made his fortune as a lawyer, after a successful stint in San Andreas with Carl Johnson, aka CJ…

But the cameos, i.e., the guest appearances and references, are not to be missed. Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V would be a joy to see return, especially if he’s prone to losing his mind here, too, now on the East Coast. Vice City is modeled after Rockstar’s Miami, so plenty of retired characters could appear here. A more comfortable, laid-back lifestyle would suit Niko Bellic, the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV (and it would be funny to go bowling with him). The list goes on.

The possibilities for Rockstar are endless. They just need to be exploited.

Source: GameRant

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