Fast X – Defying Gravity, or: There’s No Such Thing as ‘Too Much’ Here!

MOVIE REVIEW – Few certainties in life hold as much weight as the notion that the laws of the universe only apply until Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his crew get behind the wheel. But can endless mockery of physics laws and supersonic action orgies save a film’s essence, which we could summarize as follows: spectacle triumphs, but the storyline has now truly entered the braindead category?



The latest installment in the Fast & Furious series faithfully follows the recipe of previous films: dazzling action, incredible car chases, and storytelling that somehow always only lasts until the next explosion. Clearly, the screenwriters didn’t waste much time crafting a storyline, instead leaving the direction to the computer animation team.

The film’s opening scene is a brutally absurd car chase where the protagonists are hauling a steel armored tower with their cars while shredding the enemy convoy. From there, the film maintains this pace, increasing the stakes and spectacle in every scene.



Stunning… But What Is It?


The Fast & Furious series has always emphasized spectacle and action, but in Fast X, this trend is taken to a new level. The action scenes are simply mesmerizing, and the CGI is top-notch. The cars look unbelievably good without exception, and the explosions are exceptionally spectacular. The whole film is a massive visual orgy that will make your eyes pop – even if the storyline or acting doesn’t, the visuals are definitely worth the price of admission.

The direction flawlessly follows the franchise’s style, always focusing on spectacle and action. The pace and dynamism of the action scenes make great use of the high budget and CGI, but sometimes lack finesse and complexity.

The film’s acting is a mixed bag. Vin Diesel remains the central figure of the franchise, but his performance has unfortunately not evolved compared to the previous parts. His character, Dom, still delivers the stereotypical, clichéd monologues with a tiresomely serious face, slowly and authoritatively, which sometimes tests the viewer’s patience.

The other returning actors, although delivering what is expected, fail to breathe fresh air into the film, appearing more like extras. Newcomer Dante, played by Jason Momoa, however, brings a positive change to the film. His character, Dante, the brutal but charismatic antagonist, fits perfectly into the Fast & Furious world, and despite his limited screen time, he uses every moment to the max.



Reality, What’s That?!


The biggest problem with Fast X is that the franchise has completely detached from reality. Previous parts still had elements tied to reality, but these have now entirely disappeared. The cars and protagonists’ abilities have grown to such an extent that it almost feels like a superhero film. The film not only breaches the laws of gravity but also those of speed, force, and energy, which might take things too far for some viewers.

True, the Fast & Furious series has always been about spectacle and action, and Fast X does not deny this. The film is filled with the aforementioned incredible action scenes, mind-blowing car chases, and explosions, which will surely glue viewers to their cinema seats. But is this enough? The franchise’s loyal fans will likely say yes, but those who expect more from a film than mere spectacle might be disappointed.



Not Just Simple-Minded… The Story is an Overcomplicated Mess…


Partly because the story is, unfortunately, the weakest point of the film. The exaggerations typical of the franchise are still present, and sometimes they seem overly unrealistic. The script is sometimes overly complex, and the characters’ motivations are not always clear. The numerous returning characters and complex plotlines can sometimes confuse the viewer.

The film tries to interweave characters and threads from previous franchise episodes, but this often comes at the expense of a coherent and engaging storyline. These attempts at linking past and present elements sometimes feel forced and disrupt the flow of the narrative. The film could have benefited from focusing more on a singular, well-developed plot rather than trying to incorporate multiple aspects of the franchise’s history.

One of the main issues with Fast X’s plot is its attempt to incorporate too many characters and subplots, leading to a convoluted and confusing narrative. It seems as though the writers attempted to compensate for the film’s weak storyline by stuffing it with an overload of familiar faces, making it difficult to follow at times.



Despite Its Flaws, Fast X Will Please the Fans


Despite its weak storyline and detachment from reality, Fast X will likely continue to attract and entertain fans of the franchise. The film’s action-packed scenes, visually stunning car chases, and top-notch CGI are more than enough to please those who seek adrenaline-pumping entertainment. However, for those who expect a compelling plot and more grounded action, Fast X may leave them disappointed.

In conclusion, Fast X delivers what fans have come to expect from the franchise: a visual feast of over-the-top action and jaw-dropping stunts. However, the weak plot, underdeveloped characters, and a complete departure from reality may be off-putting to some viewers. If you’re a die-hard fan of the series, you’ll likely enjoy the ride. But if you’re looking for a more grounded, engaging story, Fast X may not be your cup of tea.




Fast X

Direction - 7.4
Actors - 4.8
Story - 3.8
Visuals/Music/Sounds/Action - 8.6
Ambience - 6.4



Fast X follows the established recipe of the franchise: it guarantees entertainment with spectacular action scenes and incredible car chases. However, due to the even more ludicrous story and detachment from reality, the film fails to surpass mediocrity. It is worth watching this film for Jason Momoa's excellent, Joker-like performance and character alone, beyond the visual spectacle.

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