Gaming monitor for efficient multitasking?

Although it may seem unusual, a monitor tailored to the needs of gamers is not only ideal for gamers: it can also improve the efficiency of tasks at work and school. If the display of a monitor is wide enough, it is possible to display up to four windows at the same time, in addition to the fact that the user can comfortably see all important information in one place.


Large display area, several windows

The ever-widening range of monitors also opens up new possibilities in the field of multitasking work. At the same time, LG’s newest 45GR95QE-B UltraGear OLED monitor with a curved display is perfectly suited for both work and play, not only because of its size.

Due to its universal possibilities of use, the monitor can also be beneficial for those who go to school. Even during learning, it is often necessary to display several windows together, for example a worksheet, notes and even a video. The manufacturer’s current largest OLED monitor is also an ideal choice for those who like to work with several windows at the same time while working or studying: on a device of this size, up to four programs running in parallel can be conveniently displayed side by side, so that even the smaller textual parts can be clearly seen. . Because of the bending, the user can also see the pixels at the edges of the screen at a perfect angle, so that the content running there can also be clearly perceived without distortion.

On a monitor with a large screen diagonal, various elements can be displayed on the screen in a larger size, which makes working more comfortable, especially when it comes to group work, where the participants pay attention to one monitor. If several people are in front of the screen, details are easier to see on the larger screen area, and due to the wide viewing angle provided by OLED technology, users can see the image clearly even if they look at the monitor from a sharper angle.

The effect of gaming on productivity

We know the many positive effects of video games: in addition to being a social experience, they can reduce anxiety, and even the Irish Lero research institute survey, they can also develop a wide range of cognitive skills – learning, memory, thinking, attention. And the positive psychological effects associated with the game indirectly have a good effect on our productivity and effectiveness, whether it is at school or at work.

LG’s new gaming monitor with the highest degree of curvature (800R) provides outstanding image quality, vivid colors and an impressive sense of space, thus providing users with a great gaming experience for complete relaxation. The 240 Hz refresh rate allows for a continuous image and smooth gameplay, and the 0.03 millisecond response time enables a quick reaction during the game. Thanks to the display technology, the new monitor can display outstanding contrast, which guarantees a lifelike and detailed visual experience.

A common problem both during work and play is that light sources can reflect off the screen, which can be distracting during use. In order to avoid this, the monitor has a non-reflective surface, and the screen can display significantly higher brightness than LCD displays, so that the details of the displayed images are clearly visible even if the lighting conditions in the room are not ideal.

Source: LG press release

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