A Crucial Creator Departs from God of War Series!

The fate of the beloved God of War series, notable for its exploration of Norse mythology, faces pivotal changes with the recent departure of seminal developer Rafael Grassetti from Santa Monica Studio.


For many years, Santa Monica Studio has been at the helm of the God of War franchise. Even as the central figure Kratos steps back from the limelight, the game continues to gain popularity through its immersive journey into Norse mythology. Following the template of Assassin’s Creed, the God of War series could gain significant traction by traversing various mythological landscapes. Nonetheless, it’s hard to imagine the game maintaining its striking and influential art direction without the stewardship of Santa Monica Studio’s Rafael Grassetti.

Grassetti isn’t the sole creative force in Santa Monica Studio’s art team, with each developer playing a key role. However, Grassetti’s contributions seem to have left a significant mark on the God of War franchise as a whole. As the Lead Character Artist, Principal Artist, Art Director, and Studio Art Director, Grassetti’s touch is distinctly evident in the God of War Norse mythology saga. Although Santa Monica Studio is certain to find capable replacements, this change might be a crucial step forward for the studio.


The Impact of Losing its Art Director on the God of War Franchise


The God of War’s Norse mythology saga was a superb rejuvenation of the series, introducing breathtaking gameplay modifications. As an art lead, Grassetti had a significant influence over the game’s aesthetics and visual design. The extent of visual shifts between God of War Ragnarok and the subsequent God of War game remains uncertain. Still, it would be intriguing to see how Grassetti’s legacy influences the iconography of the franchise’s upcoming chapter.

Grassetti’s departure potentially provides the studio with increased creative latitude, especially if it is developing more than one game simultaneously. Santa Monica Studio might diversify from God of War, with games continuing to launch from the franchise alongside new IP releases. It would be exciting to witness how other developers imprint their creative visions on Santa Monica Studio’s future games and what effects this may have on the appearance of forthcoming titles.

Indeed, if God of War transports Atreus to Egypt or another mythological realm, it presents a golden opportunity for a new art director to make their mark, much as Grassetti did with Norse mythology. Featuring Atreus in a God of War game without his father will demand a significant adjustment, possibly not even retaining the franchise’s title. However, it is a regrettable prospect, considering that the ending of God of War Ragnarok hints at further adventures in Norse mythology’s Midgard with Kratos and Freya embarking on new journeys.

Santa Monica Studio stands before a plethora of options, and Grassetti’s departure serves as a testament to this reality. While Grassetti would have significantly contributed to another God of War mythology, if it was time to part ways, it appears the separation happened at an optimal moment when the studio is most open-ended. Regardless, wherever Grassetti finds his next professional home, the studio’s artistry will undoubtedly benefit from his remarkable graphical prowess and hyperrealism.

God of War Ragnarok is now available for PS4 and PS5.

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