Johnny Depp’s New Film Jeanne du Barry is a Huge Hit at Cannes

MOVIE NEWS – Johnny Depp’s return kept the whole world in a frenzy for days. Jaenne du Barry – The Lover made its debut at the 76th Cannes Film Festival, which was received by the audience with a standing ovation. The seven-minute storm of applause also moved the actor to tears. The first reviews of the drama directed by Maïwenn have arrived.


The film entitled Jeanne du Barry – The Lover opened the 2023 Cannes Film Festival and at the same time, on Tuesday evening (May 16) in France, the XVIII. century production. Madame du Barry and XV. The story of King Louis’ relationship was seen by 45,000 people. You can find the great press reactions below.

VARIETY: “A sensitive and surprisingly understated portrait of the French monarch’s last lover. Maïwenn is a major filmmaker, and Jeanne du Barry demands to be taken seriously.”

DEADLINE: “Maïwenn’s film is full of great moments, and the decision to shoot key scenes in Versailles lends the film a sense of authenticity.”

THE GUARDIAN: “An entertaining spectacle.”

SCREEN INTERNATIONAL: “Jeanne Du Barry presents a real-life case of social ascension, with playful hilarity and serious undertones.”

INDEPENDENT: “A fine and well-crafted costume drama with plenty of satirical poignancy.”

LE JOURNAL DU DIMANCHE: “The film cuts straight to the heart with its tragic romance, lyricism and finely honed dialogue that conveys a wild modernity.”

LE FIGARO: “Maïwenn’s film lives up to expectations. Its greatest virtue is that there is nothing museum-like about it. It exudes life. We are there too.”

TELERAMA: “Totally unashamed, as bold as she is narcissistic, Maïwenn takes the lead, at a high level, and blends perfectly into the ambition of her self-taught character. Aspiring, endlessly curious and ultimately generous.”

PREMIERE: “Maïwenn reinvents herself as a filmmaker and delivers a well-done film that adapts the classic form to modern aspects, in which Johnny Depp is outstanding as Louis XV.”

Source: ADS press release

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