Everything You Knew (Wrong) About The Upcoming James Gunn Superman Movie!

MOVIE NEWS – Pre-production is underway on Gunn’s Superman: Legacy. James Gunn recently took the time to confirm and deny some details about the project.



The DC Universe is preparing for a new era of content for TV and movies, and Superman: Legacy is the opening of that. Here are the biggest details James Gunn has confirmed and denied about the project!


Will James Gunn direct the new Superman movie?


Following the announcement of Gunn and Safran’s new roles in the DC Universe, Gunn revealed that he’s already writing the new DC movie. The following month he said that Superman is a priority for DC Studios and that the project he is currently writing is a Superman movie. He shared on Twitter that they don’t know who will direct the project. When Gunn’s new role was announced, he responded to a fan on Twitter that he would continue to direct and write select DC projects. Luckily, the new Superman movie is one of them. Gunn confirmed in March 2023 that he would be directing Superman: Legacy and has since shared some details about the pre-production process for the highly anticipated project.


When does Superman: Legacy start shooting?


Superman: Legacy is scheduled for release on 11 July 2025. With such a big release for Warner and DC, there’s still a lot of work to be done before filming begins. Gunn confirmed in April 2023 that pre-production on Superman: Legacy had begun. Not surprisingly, this has given rise to a lot of rumours. Especially about who would be cast in the film. Especially the actor Clark Kent. These rumours have also touched on possible filming dates for Superman: Legacy. While being interviewed by WIRED’s Autocomplete, Gunn revealed that Superman: Legacy will begin filming in January 2024.


Could Krypto and Jimmy Olsen be in the cast?


Because Superman: Legacy is currently in pre-production. James Gunn has already delivered the first draft of the script. However, no details about the plot, story, or cast are known now. But Gunn has already confirmed that two characters will be present. He replied to a now-deleted tweet confirming that Superman: Legacy will star Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane and Clark Kent’s close friend, a photojournalist who works for the Daily Planet. Jimmy Olsen last appeared in a live-action project in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where he was played by Michael Cassidy and portrayed as a CIA agent disguised as a photographer.

Another character Gunn has confirmed will appear in Superman: Legacy is Krypto, the super-dog. In most of the DC Comics continuity, Krypto is Superman’s pet dog, so he has appeared in various animated TV shows, movies and even had his own animated series in 2005.


Will we see a young edition of Clark Kent?


Considering that Superman: Legacy will follow a younger Clark Kent and explore his backstory, Gunn and co. are looking for a young actor who, in Gunn’s words, “has all the humanity of Superman, but is also an alien”. Also, someone who has the kindness and compassion that Superman is known for. Of course, there are already various rumours and news reports about which actors are on the shortlist and who are in the running. But Gunn has made it clear on Twitter that he “never comments on who is or isn’t auditioning for a role”, so the next time Gunn comments on who will play Superman in Superman: Legacy, he will be sure to announce the final decision.


Do we have a confirmed cast for the James Gunn film?


Of course, all eyes are on who will play Superman in Superman: Legacy. But there are still a lot of characters to be cast as well. Gunn also took some time to clarify that only one person has been cast so far. Adding that “this is not a regular character in the Superman world”, followed by a merman emoji. It is not known whether Gunn is referring to a minor or major character. What is certain, however, is that he and the rest of the team behind Superman: Legacy are in no rush to make the best decision regarding who will play the young Superman.


They will definitely NOT be playing Superman


Plenty of rumours are circulating about who will be the new Clark Kent in Superman: Legacy. Gunn generally refrains from making such claims. Yet he has taken the time to refute two casting rumours. First, Gunn took to Twitter to say that they are not close to an official casting announcement. Later, he denied the rumour that Logan Lerman was the “top choice”. He later clarified by saying he didn’t know all the actors’ names, but Lerman was never part of the conversation to play Superman. In another interview, when discussing who was being sought in casting, Gunn added that Chris Pratt would not be playing Superman.

Source: Twitter, YouTube

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