Will Miles Morales Soon Appear On The Big Screen In Another Form?!

MOVIE NEWS – Spider-Man producer Amy Pascal has responded to the possibility of a live-action Miles Morales film following the animated franchise.



Spider-Man producer Amy Pascal talks about the possibility of a live-action Miles Morales movie in the future. One of Marvel’s beloved web-slingers is set to return to the big screen. Miles’ adventures will continue in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. The highly-anticipated sequel not only continues Miles’ story but also delves deeper into the wider Spider-Verse.

As Miles’ popularity has grown thanks to the Spiderweb franchise, many have wondered when Sony would actually adapt him for live-action.

It seems the studio is getting closer to making that a reality. In a new interview with Variety, Pascal, the longtime Spider-Man biker producer and former co-president of Sony Pictures, was asked about the chances of a live-action Miles movie while also raising the possibility of a Spider-Woman project. While Pascal did not give any specifics, he did say that the world would “see everything” in its own time.


How are animation films laying the groundwork for a live-action Miles Morales film?


Sony has not yet announced an actual live-action Miles Morales film. However, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse may already be setting the stage for one. In a recent trailer for the film, the new villain, Spot, briefly visits Sony’s Spider-Man universe. This is a franchise of Venom films and other projects based on the villains of Peter Parker’s mythology. Spot meets Mrs. Chen, who also appeared in Venom and Venom 2. That already opens the door for Sony to take it a step further.

With Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, it wouldn’t be shocking if Sony were also testing whether the animated version of Miles could be adapted to the live-action world.

Whether Shameik Moore will play his live-action counterpart or a younger actor who is more in keeping with Miles’ actual age is up to the creative team. In any case, it would be a clever way to continue the character’s arc outside of the animated series.

Miles has become hugely popular outside of comics in the last few years. So it’s only a matter of time before Sony makes a live-action adaptation of him. Maybe they’ll wait for Spider-Man: Beyond Spider-Verse to be released and the trilogy to be completed before announcing a live-action film properly. Hopefully, more information about the project will come to light in the coming years.

Source: Variety

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