STALKER 2 Studio Hacked by Russian Hackers, Team Says; the Recently Leaked Gameplay is Also From Here

Ukrainian developer GSC Game World, the studio behind the upcoming STALKER 2, has identified that it was hacked by Russian hackers and confirmed that the game’s test footage has been leaked.


Early development gameplay footage of the STALKER sequel recently surfaced online, and the team behind the shooter has now released a statement on Twitter stating that Russian hackers gained access to STALKER 2’s internal development builds nearly a year and a half ago. In the statement, the Ukrainian developer asks fans not to view or share any leaked information about the upcoming title, as this early material could ruin fans’ gaming experience.

“We have some important information that we need to share. Our team has identified a vulnerability that was exploited by a group of Russian hackers who have been attacking the company for almost a year and a half” – read the official announcement. “Unfortunately, they managed to access and compromise some of our leaked information, which was intended for internal testing of various game elements”.

The team continues: “For now, we ask that bullies and those who wish to join the Zone in the future not to view or share any leaked material from the game. Although these materials are for testing purposes only, and not ready for release, these leaks can ruin the experience of exploring the Zone on your own.

Rest assured, our team remains committed to providing an exceptional gaming experience. STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl is the game we dedicate our hearts and souls to. Despite the problem, we will continue to make sure that the game meets your expectations”.

After several months of silence, STALKER 2 received a beautiful gameplay trailer at the end of last year. Unfortunately, as we reported a few months ago, several developers at GSC Game World were threatened by Russian fans following a data breach. In response to the threat, the team issued a statement stating that they will not allow themselves to be coerced by threats. “We are a Ukrainian company, and like most Ukrainians, we have experienced many things that are much more terrifying: Destroyed houses, ruined lives and the death of our loved ones. Attempts to blackmail or intimidate are completely futile. Our unwavering commitment to support our country remains unchanged – still we will do everything we can to support Ukraine, and this will not change in the future under any circumstances.”

STALKER 2 is scheduled for release later this year on Xbox Series X|S and PC. According to the latest rumors, the game will be exclusive to the Xbox console for three months, after which it may also be released on the PlayStation 5.

Source: WCCFTECh

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