Will the Final Fantasy IX Remake Really Be PlayStation-Exclusive?!

Back in 2020, a huge leak revealed that Square Enix might be working on a Final Fantasy IX remake. While this remake has yet to be announced by the Japanese publisher, the fact that all the other titles mentioned in the massive leak have finally been announced and released suggests that this remake is real and in the works, although it may not be for all platforms appears.


Speaking on the ResetERA forum, Im A Hero Too, who proved to the moderators of the message board that he has access to information not available to the public, stated that he had seen the remake and that “Sony wrote it”, which does not sound like all too surprising, given that Square Enix and Sony have always had a close relationship, and it’s gotten even closer lately, with titles like Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy XVI being timed PlayStation exclusives. The insider also confirmed that the Final Fantasy IX remake is coming at least two years from now, and that it won’t be coming to Nintendo Switch, suggesting that it will be more than a simple visual overhaul of the classic PlayStation release, or a remake of Secret of Mana, along the lines of Dawn of Mana remakes.

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While the Final Fantasy IX remake was one of the games discovered in the huge GeForce Now leak of 2020, Im A Hero Too, which revealed the not-yet-officially confirmed Persona 3 remake, has yet to prove its reliability, so what was revealed today should not be dismissed for now.

The Final Fantasy IX remake is not the only work from the series that Square Enix is working on. In three weeks, Final Fantasy XVI will finally be released on PlayStation 5, while the second part of the Final Fantasy VII remake project, Rebirth, will be released on PlayStation 5 in winter 2023. We’ll keep you posted as new news comes in about all the upcoming titles in the series, so stay tuned for the latest news.


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