[SGF-2023] Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Will Not Launch In 2023 [VIDEO]

Square Enix’s game will be huge (true, we’ve seen something similar not too long ago).


Kitase Yoshinori, the game’s producer, said in a press release, “We’re honored to bring Final Fantasy VII Rebirth to players worldwide early next year. In the next installment of this thrilling tale, Cloud and his new and returning friends will embark on a new adventure so that all players can enjoy this story, even those unfamiliar with the previous title or the original Final Fantasy VII. The entire team has worked fervently with love and adoration for the world of Final Fantasy VII to deliver an unforgettable experience for new adventurers and longtime fans alike, reaching new heights of cinematic storytelling, immersive and fast-paced combat, and rich exploration across a vast world. We can’t wait to share more details later this year.”

Here’s the game’s overview: “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the second entry in the Final Fantasy VII remake project, which retells the story of the iconic fantasy game that redefined the RPG genre in three different games. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth picks up with iconic heroes Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aerith, and Red XIII after they escape from the dystopian city Midgar and sees them embark on a journey in pursuit of Sephiroth, the vengeful swordsman from Cloud’s past who was thought to be dead. In this standalone adventure, players will explore an expansive world; all brought to life with a new level of graphical fidelity developed specifically to leverage the power of the PlayStation 5 console. As players unravel a gripping narrative rich with mysteries to uncover, they will also witness the personal journey of each party member and strengthen their bonds to work together and face off against powerful enemies.”

Kitase says development is going according to plan, and they are now working on nailing down a release date. According to director Naoki Hamaguchi, we can travel through a big world with great freedom, experiencing many stories. According to Kazushige Nojima, the developer in charge of the story and script, we will also witness a chain of narrative developments while discovering the characters’ destinies. According to co-director Motomu Toriyama, we don’t need to play the Final Fantasy VII Remakes to enjoy Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Teruki Endo, the director in charge of the combat, says that we’ll be able to fight alongside our teammates more closely than ever before. According to Keiji Kawamori, the music supervisor, there will be new songs, but there will also be some rearrangements from FF VII Remake.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is coming to PlayStation 5 in early 2024. The disc release will be on two Blu-rays so it will be at least 100GB. Horizon II: Forbidden West was also a two-disc release for PlayStation 4…

Source: Gematsu

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