[XGS 2023] South Of Midnight: Is The Game Made In The Style Of A Blockbuster Animated Movie?! [VIDEO]

South of Midnight was revealed during the Xbox Games Showcase, and while no gameplay was shown, the art style is strikingly familiar…



One of the first games announced during yesterday’s Xbox Showcase was South of Midnight. It’s a stunning, southern-themed title. Developed by Montreal-based studio Compulsion Games, it looks like a promising new original experience from the team behind We Happy Few.

A cinematic reveal trailer hinted at the tone and story, but no actual gameplay was shown during the Xbox Games Showcase, so it may be a while before gamers find out precisely what South of Midnight is like.

However, one notable aspect of the game was on display. That was the dazzling art style, which bears a striking resemblance to the popular film series currently dominating the animation scene. Yes, we are thinking of the Spider-Verse films, the second of which premiered just over a week ago.


Is South of Midnight really using the Spider-Verse animation style?!


It’s true: the animation techniques used in Into The Spider-Verse and its critically acclaimed sequel, Across the Spider-Verse, have largely remained in the film scene. But now, it seems to be seeping into video games. The world premiere trailer for South of Midnight didn’t show a single bit of actual gameplay. However, one can assume that the visuals, which look similar to Into The Spider-Verse, suggest that this is what the game will look like in practice.

It’s an exciting prospect. After all, the animation style of Into the Spider-Verse is very much in vogue at the moment. Plus, it still looks incredibly fresh. Being only a few years old, it still feels like it has much potential. This art style can exploit these on both a technical and creative level.

Now that we’re in the world of video games, even more doors are opening for how this style can be presented to gamers.

Whether South of Midnight will eventually be, first or third person is yet to be seen. Simply seeing Into The Spider-Verse and all its colourfulness is one thing. However, actively participating in a world with a similar look and feel is a fascinating concept. A very ambitious undertaking. But Compulsion Games has already proven that with the aforementioned We Happy Few. So hopefully, we won’t have to wait much longer for players to see what the game looks like live.

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