Ruby Gillman’s daring take on Teenage Kraken can come in

MOVIE  NEWS – This summer, two family films with a mermaid-ocean theme are competing for the viewers’ favors.


The live-action The Little Mermaid has been in theaters for weeks, and the animated Ruby Gillman on Teenage Kraken will soon be in front of the public costs It seems like a dangerous stunt, because in the current summer season, large-scale super movies are treading on each other’s heels, and in such circumstances, it splashes on the teen crabs, while the viewers could theoretically have had their fill of watery tales. The competition is not pointless, because despite the apparent similarity of the theme, they are two completely different productions. The Little Mermaid is a traditional Disney fairy tale, while Ruby Gillman on Teenage Kraken turns the familiar world of the Mickey Mouse studio’s films on its head. Ruby is a sweet teenage octopus struggling with self-esteem issues who finds herself in high school with the cool mermaid girl who is secretly plotting an evil and nefarious plan. Then it turns out that Ruby is actually a scion of the royal family of giant octopuses, a tentacled superhero blessed with supernatural abilities, whose mission is to maintain peace in the ocean world against mermaids who want to dominate the underwater world.

As the entertainment industry portal points out, DreamWorks, the producer of Ruby, once had such a move, since Shrek universe in its entirety is a clever parody of traditional fairy tales. In addition, there have already been cases when similar family films were launched against each other in the same season, and both were animated. 25 years ago, Z, the ant fought with The Life of a Bug in cinemas, behind which even then there was a competition between DreamWorks and the Pixar studio belonging to the Disney group. Both films were critical and audience successes, which is probably why DreamWorks is now daring to take a similarly big risk, according to CBR.

(Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken – domestic premiere: June 29, 2023)

Source: UIP

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