[UF 2023] The Crew Motorfest: Ubisoft’s Arcade Racing Game Gets A Stunning Trailer! [VIDEO]

Ubisoft’s new game, The Crew Motorfest, offers a crazy amount of content to keep us entertained for hours.



If Ubisoft has to be given credit for anything over the past decade, it’s its stubbornness in trying to make games work as a service. The most obvious example of this is Rainbow Six Siege, the team-based tactical shooter that eventually became the benchmark of the genre on PC and consoles. We can also include the historical action game For Honor and the one we’re interested in this time, The Crew. Millions played the first two titles. More importantly, consistently over the years. Arcade driving, based on offering a lot of content, has also been a success. Now, Ubisoft is looking to complete the hammer blow with The Crew Motorfest, the French company’s way of guaranteeing the best experience in the franchise.

Following in the footsteps of the brilliant Forza Horizon, The Crew is hosting another motoring festival in the idyllic location of Hawaii. The idea is to have an open car world with many tasks simultaneously. As well as scenarios or mission chains in which you can play different types of races.

For example, in Japanese street style, off-road or even in a more sporty format where you can even stop to change a wheel, all while earning rewards.

The former takes place at night in Honolulu, which gives you plenty of scope for drifting and shortcutting on specific sections or corners. The second ones are different because you get a sort of Formula 1 car in one. Conversely, you can use a sports car in a multi-lap endurance test. The sports cars reminded me much of GTA Online and its racing style.

We have a tyre wear indicator. It tells you how fast you can corner before you derail and lose control of the car. As in GTA Online, it’s pretty arcadey, preventing you from saving tyres by slowing down instead of braking hard. The lane decreases with distance and collisions. This limits the tactical factor – or instead sacrifices it for instant fun.

Of course, The Crew Motorfest also offers a multiplayer mode and avatar customisation options. Plus, some more post-launch content is planned for the first few months. One of these will be American muscle car racing.

Anyone looking for a realistic racing simulation here will be disappointed. The value of The Crew Motorfest lies in the volume, variety and community factor that the French publisher has managed to impress since the release of the first title in the new trilogy.

Source: YouTube

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