GTA Online: Fans Get A Huge Slap In The Face From Rockstar!

The latest expansion pack for GTA Online has made its debut in a big way after Rockstar decimated the hit game’s fleet of vehicles…



Rockstar has today decimated the fleet of vehicles in GTA Online. Or, the ratio is even worse than decimated. Over a quarter of the previously available cars and motorcycles have been removed from the game! The move, which has already sparked outrage among fans, comes as part of the massive San Andreas Mercenaries update. The latter was released on June 13.

The San Andreas Mercenaries update promised several quality improvements to GTA Online in addition to a wealth of new content, according to the announcement on June 2.

Rockstar detailed some of these changes two days later. That’s when it first mentioned plans to remove some “lesser used” vehicles from in-game shops to “streamline” the overall browsing experience. This was immediately met with concern by some fans. But the online backlash to the changes only began to grow when the extent of the cuts became apparent with the release of San Andreas Mercenaries.

A list compiled by GTA Forums user MGgames100 revealed that Rockstar has finally removed 194 vehicles from GTA Online’s shops as part of the just-launched update. Before the release of San Andreas Mercenaries, the game peaked at 722 vehicles. At least according to the GTA Base tracker. So the latest update has removed about 27% of the game’s vehicle inventory from direct distribution. The developers had previously said that the scrappage would be based on lack of use. However, as part of the new update, some pretty popular vehicles, such as the Comet SR and the Cheburek, have been removed from in-game shops.

Some gamers also seem sceptical about Rockstar’s claim that the move was motivated by the desire to improve the in-game shopping experience.

Indeed, it turns out that the pulled vehicles will eventually return via event showrooms. In other words, they will remain available as a reward for playing The Lucky Wheel. Thus, their removal from GTA Online shops has been interpreted by some fans as an anti-consumer move. This is in order to monetise the game more aggressively. Others took this as another sign that there will definitely be real money transactions in GTA 6.

Seeing that the now-removed vehicles can still be purchased from other players, this development will plausibly affect the typical recommendations for the best-selling cars in the game. Not least because artificial scarcity tends to drive up prices. GTA Online’s used-car market is only available on PC and current-generation consoles. Players on supported platforms can access it at the Los Santos Car Meet (LSCM) building on Popular Street in East Los Santos.

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Vehicles Removed From The In-Game Websites (Thanks to MGgames100)
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