Black Mirror Season 6 Will Surpass The Previous Seasons In At Least One Area!

MOVIE NEWS – According to Charlie Brooker, creator of the series, Black Mirror fans have more to fear this season.



Black Mirror is known for its bleak and dystopian views of the present and the future, usually centred around the dangers and pitfalls of modern technology. They often praise twisted visions of things to come. While frightening in its own way, including its bizarre juxtaposition of human nature and technological gothic, it turns out that Season 6 will rely more heavily on horror elements than previous seasons.

According to RadioTimes, Charlie Brooker recently spoke about his plans for Black Mirror season 6 during a Q&A at the trailer for the episode “Beyond the Sea”.

“This season I started out doing some with a very different take – a Red Mirror film, and almost like a crime and horror-led sister label, so to speak,” Brooker said. “And in doing that, I thought, ‘I’ll shake up what I think a Black Mirror episode is.'” It includes several episodes set in the past, including “Beyond the Sea”, which is set in an alternate universe in 1969.

But Brooker says not everything in season 6 will be scary. He promises that the first of the five episodes due this year, “Joan Is Awful”, will be different. Brooker says: “This season overall, we’ve also got probably one of our most overtly comic ones that we’ve ever done, which is Joan Is Awful. But certainly, there’s quite a lot of horror.” The episode, starring Annie Murphy and Salma Hayek Pinault, is a parody of streaming services. In the form of Streamberry, which evokes Netflix, where Murphy’s character Joan discovers she is the subject of a streaming series.

The other episodes of Black Mirror season 6, while perhaps not as comedic, will be full of various horror elements, according to Brooker.

“I started out and thought, ‘I’m going to write some under the label Red Mirror for a while’, that was where my mind was going,” Brooker said. “It’s just the way they fell, it’s just the way they came out was really unpleasant.”

The series already has a few seasons under its belt. However, Brooker said the reaction to the latest season suggested that the latest episodes were a little lighter and frothier than previous seasons. The creators are now trying to correct that.

Source: RadioTimes

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