The Last of Us Part I Update Brings Good News For Fans Of Handheld Consoles!

Naughty Dog has released the 1.1 update for the PC port of The Last of Us Part I and confirmed that the game has been “Steam Deck Verified”!



Naughty Dog has released the 1.1 update for the PC version of The Last of Us Part I. The patch makes several improvements to the game. Additionally, it has been confirmed that it is now “Steam Deck Verified”. A series of issues marked the March PC release. Players encountered several problems with the port.

This PC version has been heavily criticised for lack of optimisation, with players experiencing poor frame rates, long load times, VRAM usage issues and more during gameplay.

Now, Naughty Dog has released a new update to address several issues with the port. As well as some good news for Steam Deck owners.

Update 1.1 is now available for the PC port of The Last of Us Part I. It offers fixes in some critical areas of the game. The patch improves global CPU and GPU performance. Meanwhile, it also improves texture and shader build times. Several crashes and bugs have been resolved with the 1.1 update. For example, cases where players could not aim or shoot after exiting menus. It also added some new options for players to customise the visuals further. Fans can now change the Dynamic Lights Quality setting from the graphics menu.

Further improvements have been made for players with AMD hardware. Also, specific enhancements to the Epic Games Store and Steam game versions. Changes made to the game while playing on Steam Deck have also been highlighted. Namely, Naughty Dog has confirmed that The Last of Us Part I is now “Steam Deck Verified”.

Overall, this update appears to include several significant changes to improve the user experience when playing The Last of Us Part 1 on PC.

Even though the PC version received a lot of feedback upon release, Naughty Dog has released several updates for the title as it continues to monitor issues experienced by players.

Source: Twitter

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