Overwatch 2: Predecessor’s Most Popular Feature Could Finally Return?!

The latest season of Overwatch 2 not only brings back a fan-favourite feature but also enhances it with new gameplay and customization mechanics.



The new season of Overwatch 2 is packed with updates to the game. It brings back the popular “On Fire” mechanic, which rewards players for fierce gameplay. Season 5 of Overwatch 2 offers a wealth of new content. However, the primary feature overhaul shows that the developers are also determined to improve gameplay.

A relic of Overwatch 2’s predecessor, many fans were disappointed to find the On Fire mechanic missing from the sequel when it was first released.

This simple yet satisfying system made the successful multikills feel much more rewarding. Plus, it added a fiery cosmetic effect to the player’s HUD when it created chaos in the lobby. While it had no practical effect on gameplay other than making players look cool, hero characters in “On Fire” also spoke specific lines of dialogue to announce their status to the rest of the team. Many players noted that these lines of dialogue were still occasionally spoken by characters in Overwatch 2, despite the feature being otherwise absent from the sequel until recently.

The On Fire mechanic is not only back in Overwatch 2, but several additional layers of depth have been added. For starters, the “Blazing” state can now be achieved by players who hold fire for extended periods. True, the short-duration nature of this state requires players to ration fuel quickly if they want to maintain their streak. Unlike the original Overwatch, players can now achieve the “Flaming” state by healing and damage reduction rather than by simply dealing damage. They can quickly set themselves on fire by taking out a flaming opponent. A player on Reddit under the username xQcIsLove even made a post showing how to change the colour of the fire on the HUD. This allows for custom themes to be applied.

The new and arguably improved On Fire system boasts even more recent additions that make it easier to tell who’s on fire, though not all fans feel the changes were necessary.

Some feel that the simplicity of the feature in the older Overwatch was best suited to the idea. True, the revamped mechanics will likely be refined in the near future. The community is experimenting with it, and the new depth layer will certainly make fast-paced combat feel more immersive.

Source: Reddit

If you didn’t know, you can actually change the colour of your "On-Fire" to match with you favourite skin/hero.
by u/xQcIsLove in Overwatch

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