Huge Deal On Steam: A Bunch Of Free Games And 90% Off Bundles!

Who doesn’t love free games and promotions? How about six free games on behalf of Steam, who are offering users a massive giveaway with no strings attached.



Steam is no stranger to free game giveaways and good deals. Right now, users can play Tekken 8 before its release, as well as an upcoming Metroidvania game, both for free. The game store platform regularly treats its players to new titles utterly free of charge, which they can download and keep forever.

This time around, it offers six games – Ashes to Ashes, Death Roads, Street Sense 2, Grand Emprise, Their Land and Bunker Builder.

Ashes to Ashes lets you shoot as the infamous undead gunfighter Quinn del Ramo. Death Roads: Tournament Prologue allows you to experience unprecedented vehicular battles by combining the thrill of death racing, the strategic depth of deck building and the unpredictability of roguelite gameplay. Choose a skilled driver, a powerful vehicle, an arsenal of weapons and supportive sponsors to overcome tactical challenges.

Street Sense 2 is perhaps the least interesting of the bunch unless you’re studying for a driving test. It allows users to get better at driving. Grand Emprise, on the other hand, is a time travel through history. Dinosaur-riding, crafting and all kinds of adventure await players.

Their Land is a first-person action-adventure game with puzzles and an exciting story, at least according to the developers’ promise. And Bunker Builder: A Prologue is, as the title suggests, a bunker-building game. It looks pretty professional, but now you can see for yourself, thanks to a Steam promotion.

It’s unclear how long this offer will last, so users have a limited time to check out the games and decide which ones they want to keep.


A hundred dollars worth for ten on Steam?!


Fanatical is currently offering a bundle of six Steam games worth around $109 for just $8. The bundle includes big titles like Dead Island: Riptide, as well as some indie games. The focus is on first-person shooters. Perfect choice for gamers who like to play the best FPS games on PC.

Fanatical’s new offerings, known as the Fight Shoot Survive Bundle, include Dead Island: Riptide ($19.99), Golden Light ($19.99), BPM: Bullets per Minute ($19.99), Survive the Nights ($24.99), Hands of Necromancy ($8.99) and The Citadel ($14.99) for just $7.99. These are all indie first-person shooters available on Steam, and the first four of them are playable on Steam Deck.


Games available in the Fight Shoot Survive Bundle:

  • BPM: Bullets per Minute
  • Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition
  • Golden Light
  • Hands of the Necromancy
  • Survive the Nights
  • The Citadel


Many players will remember Dead Island: Riptide, for example. It’s the predecessor to the highly successful Dead Island 2, which recently debuted to massive sales. Another standout game is BPM, a fast-paced FPS focusing on rhythm and sending enemies into bullet hell. It most closely resembles the recently released Hi-Fi Rush.

Other games include Golden Light, a quirky roguelike survival horror FPS with online co-op play, and Marathon and Doom-inspired The Citadel, both of which have over 90% positive reviews on Steam.

Hands of Necromancy follows a similar path to The Citadel. It draws inspiration from Hexen and puts the player in the shoes of a necromancer instead of weapons. On the other hand, Survive the Nights focuses on the survival aspect and requires strategy. Players must fortify their homes during the day to stay safe during the dangerous night.

Source: Twitter, Fanatical

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