Red Dead Redemption 2: Sad News For One Of Our Most Beloved Characters!

The owner of the dog that played Cain in Red Dead Redemption 2, who was motion-captured, has shared that the dog sadly passed away recently.



The dog’s owner, who played Cain in Red Dead Redemption 2, has shared that the dog recently passed away. Although he was only a supporting character, game players who love animals will probably remember Cain fondly and will likely be saddened to hear the news.

On Instagram, Jason Barnes, who was the lead animator for Rockstar Games and did the animation work for Red Dead Redemption 2, shared that their beloved dog Einstein Barnes had recently passed away. Einstein played an essential role in the action-adventure title. He was one of the certified animal motion capture actors for Cain. Fans will probably remember that the canine character is usually found around Camp Van der Linde in Clemens Point.

The post was a heartfelt dedication to the beloved pet, showing how fantastic and extraordinary Einstein was to his owner and everyone he met.

Barnes shared some of his memories of Einstein with PCGamer. In particular, those from when he was working on RDR 2. He shared that Einstein was trained as a service dog. This meant he was patient and had no problem sitting for long periods. This made him perfect for playing the role of motion capture model for Cain’s character. On Instagram, numerous responses showed the community’s condolences to Barnes, while Twitter posts also remembered Einstein fondly. The dog named after the legendary physicist and thinker may be familiar with pop culture. It was the name of the dog from Back to the Future’s Doc in the 1985 timeline of the film.

While it’s undoubtedly hard to lose a beloved dog, Barnes can probably take comfort in the fact that Einstein was immortalised as Cain in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Source: PC Gamer, Instagram

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