The Callisto Protocol’s “Final Chapter” Arrives In June [VIDEO]

The story DLC for the game from former Dead Space creator Glen Schofield will be available on PlayStation platforms for the first time.


Yes, even today, we hear of agreements to have not a game in temporary exclusivity but its post-launch content. In the past, it was a common practice for Call of Duty games where Activision Blizzard would usually release extra maps on PlayStation 4 as exclusives for a month before moving on to Xbox One and PC. Striking Distance Studios and Krafton, the publisher of The Callisto Protocol, have done something similar, but not for the same length of time.

According to a post on Twitter, the final DLC, dubbed Final Transmission, will be the last, heart-pounding chapter of The Callisto Protocol, available on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 from June 27, and only available on Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC June 29. That’s a forty-eight-hour exclusive. If it were a revolutionary game, we could understand two days, but that’s not what we think of when we think of The Callisto Protocol…

In 2022, many AAA games were released that did not meet expectations. It could be blamed on the pandemic, or it could be that the gaming industry could do with a crash that brought the US market to its knees in 1983, as more and more publishers are now pushing the live service model, requiring a constant internet connection to prevent any game preservation. It is compounded on PC by the Denuvo DRM used by The Callisto Protocol (revealed just a week before the game’s release). Perhaps that’s why we heard that Schofield’s game had disappointing post-launch sales and thus failed to recoup its $162 million development budget.

So the 5 million sales target will be hard to meet, and even the 2 million will be difficult. But that’s their problem.

Source: VGC

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