New Harry Potter Game Comes Next Week – Here’s The Trailer & All You Need To Know! [VIDEO]

The year 2023 has already been a busy one for the Harry Potter franchise, and another new game is coming soon for fans of the wizarding world.



Harry Potter: Magic Awakened will be released worldwide on 27 June for iOS and Android mobile devices. 2023 has already been a big year for the franchise. Although Magic Awakened doesn’t claim the Hogwarts Legacy laurels, it promises to be an exciting and entertaining title.

The highly anticipated Hogwarts Legacy game was released in early 2023 to critical acclaim and record-breaking sales, and a few months later, it was confirmed that a Harry Potter TV series with a brand new cast was in the works.

On 27 June, fans can download and play Harry Potter: Magic Awakened on Android and iOS. The game is described as a “free-to-play collectible card role-playing game” that combines CCG mechanics with MMO features. It features familiar locations, items and spells from the Wizarding World and should be of great interest to fans of the franchise.

Some fans may have already tried Harry Potter: Magic Awakened. Although the game’s official global release is on 27 June, it was previously available to play in China. It seems to have been a big hit in China. So it’s not surprising that the decision was made to go global.

Magic Awakened is just the latest HP mobile game to be published by Portkey Games. The first was the controversial Hogwarts Mystery, which was released in 2018. It was followed by the now-defunct Wizards Unite. Then the popular puzzle game Puzzles & Spells from Zynga.

Portkey Games has had great success with HP mobile games so far, so it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see more Harry Potter mobile projects in the coming years.

Of course, Potter fans can also look forward to traditional console games based on the franchise. Especially now, after the record-breaking success of Hogwarts Legacy. Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions is expected to be released for PC and consoles. It looks set to appeal to more traditional gamers.

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