A Touching Tribute to the Recently Deceased Lance Reddick in Horizon Forbidden West

Lance Reddick, the recently deceased star of Horizon Forbidden West, has received a posthumous tribute in the form of a memorial created by the developers.


Sudden and shocking news came in March this year when Lance Reddick, star of John Wick Act 4 and the video game Horizon Forbidden West, sadly passed away. Reddick was not only a fan, but also an actor (including a role in the John Wick series) who played a major role in video game culture, portraying a key character in Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West, the scientist Sylenes, who was the sidekick and later enemy of heroine Aloy.

An update to Forbidden West pays tribute to Reddick. Guerrilla Games, the game’s development studio, has released an image showing an in-game holographic memorial with the actor’s name on it. The memorial is located in the Burning Shores area of the Forbidden West DLC.

In a statement from the studio, they confirmed, “We have created a memorial in honour of Lance Reddick to remember the impact he made on all of us. Thank you for everything you brought to the role of Sylens, Lance: dignity, energy, wisdom and more. You were an inimitable talent and friend. I miss you terribly.”

This heartbreaking tribute not only honors Reddick’s acting talents, but also the video game community, of which he was an active member. Despite the tragic news, the actor’s spirit lives on in the world of Horizon Forbidden West through his memorial in Burning Shores.

Source: GameSpot

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