Rey Skywalker’s Hidden Heritage: A Jedi Power Inherited from Her Jedi Grandmother?

MOVIE NEWS – A new theory has emerged in the Star Wars universe, according to which Rey Skywalker, a descendant of Palpatine, inherited much more from his predecessors than we previously thought. Rey’s parents, Dathan and Miramir, left her alone on a bleak planet, Jakku, to protect her. So Rey never knew who she really was, what lineage was hidden in her past, and maybe even she has no idea what secrets the Star Wars universe has in store for her.


Kylo Ren, who described Rey as “nothing” in The Last Jedi, but the real truth was revealed in the sequel Age of Skywalker. Chosen by Emperor Palpatine as the perfect vessel for his spirit, Rey is the child of Dathan and Miramir, who was found on Jakku by Ochi of Bestoon, Palpatine’s sith assassin, living as anonymous scrap dealers. Although Dathan and Miramir were killed, Rey remained in hiding and grew up as a wrecker herself. However, Rey’s story may be much more complex than that.

Rejected by his “father” Palpatine for his insensitivity to the Force, Dathan fled the Sith planet Exegol, where he eventually met and fell in love with Miramir. In the Star Wars novel Shadow of the Sith written by Adam Christopher, Dathan and Miramir go to great lengths to avoid Ochi of Bestoon and protect Rey. As they escape, Dathan comments on what an impressive pilot Miramir is, to which Miramir simply replies that her grandmother was also an extraordinary woman. This suggests that Miramir may have been keeping secrets from her husband. Perhaps Miramir was hiding the truth about her grandmother and who she really was. Miramir’s impressive piloting skills suggest that she inherited her own Force sensitivity from her grandmother. In light of this, Rey’s great-grandmother was probably a Jedi, perhaps even a survivor of Order 66 and the Jedi Purge.

If Rey’s mother and grandmother were indeed Force-sensitive, that would mean that Rey is more than just a Palpatine. Instead, it would combine two different bloodlines within itself. The potential for Rey Skywalker to be a child of both the Jedi and the Sith Lords is extremely intriguing, and this discovery would certainly affect her future in the Star Wars galaxy if this theory ever turns out to be true.

Lucasfilm’s announcement of a new Star Wars movie starring Rey as she rebuilds the New Jedi Order now gives her the opportunity to train the next generation of Jedi like never before. In effect, he will be able to train as a whole new type of Jedi in the new era after the final destruction of Palpatine and the destruction of his forces on Exegol. Perhaps it also involves a more balanced Jedi methodology more in tune with his own heritage, which comes from both the light and dark sides of the Force. This would likely earn Rey and her future students Grenadier Jedi status.

In The Rise of Skywalker, Rey and Kylo Ren confirmed that they are Force dyads, a strong bond that empowers Force-sensitives through the use of light and dark. This connection, unseen for generations, explained how Rey and Kylo were able to interact with each other despite being light years apart. This split power was used by the resurrected Palpatine to restore himself as he no longer needed Rey as a vessel. However, at the end of the Skywalker Uprising, Palpatine was still defeated.

Rey being of both Jedi and Sith bloodline would explain her strength in the Force as well as her relationship with Kylo Ren. Likewise, if he became much more powerful than a pure Palpatine and existed as a summation of the light and dark sides, it would be more in keeping with the Skywalker name he takes at the end of Skywalker Rises.

While the odds are slim other than the hint in Shadow of the Sith, it would definitely be exciting if Star Wars could one day confirm this potential truth about Rey as part of the Jedi bloodline beyond Palpatine, perhaps in the upcoming Star Wars in a film starring Rey directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy.

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