Diablo IV: Finally The Brutal Weekend DDoS Attack Is Over?!

Diablo IV and other Battle.net games are back online after a brutal DDoS attack over the weekend! The problems started on Saturday night, and Blizzard acknowledged the attack on Sunday morning.



At 13:18 local time yesterday, Blizzard announced that the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on Battle.net had ended. Blizzard first acknowledged the attack on Diablo IV and other games on Twitter at 10:24 am. Kotaku reports that the company had already warned players about the attack in-game. However, based on posts on the Diablo subreddit, the game was already experiencing significant problems on Saturday night.

Late in the evening of 24 June, posts questioning the state of the game’s server began appearing on the Diablo subreddit. Posts from users Humdot, Angry-Gargoyle and feiergiant all complained that the server was experiencing an unannounced server downtime. While MustaKotka noted that Diablo II Resurrected was also experiencing connectivity issues. Overwatch 2 was similarly affected, according to a post on the Overwatch subreddit by MageWithoutMP.

It is unclear who was behind the attack and why it stopped when it did. Blizzard’s announcement that “The DDoS attacks we were monitoring have ended” sounds like the attackers stopped of their own volition. A DDoS attack uses a network of infected devices to overload a server and can be used as a weapon against targets ranging from individual users to massive online services. Based on the timing of the attack over the weekend, it appears that the attack was intended to affect as many Battle.net users as possible.

Due to the live, always-online nature of Diablo IV, players had little choice but to wait out the attack. As is well known, there is no offline mode in the game. Even apart from connectivity issues and DDoS attacks, this can be a significant source of problems. Not to mention the legitimate dissatisfaction of players…

Source: Twitter, Kotaku

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