Remains Of Julian Sands, Actor Missing Since January, Might Have Been Found?!

MOVIE NEWS – Hikers have found human remains in the Mount Baldy Wilderness in Southern California, where Julian Sands disappeared in January.



A significant update on the search for missing actor Julian Sands has been received. Sands disappeared back in January while hiking alone in the Mount Baldy area of Southern California. Extensive search efforts have been underway, including a new operation involving drones, several helicopters and 80 volunteers last week. However, no trace of Sands has been found.

Exactly one week later, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department announced that hikers had found “human remains in the Mount Baldy Wilderness” Saturday morning. However, they did not mention Sands by name. The remains were taken to the local coroner’s office. The deceased has not yet been positively identified.

Authorities say the identification should be completed by next week, at which time further details will be released to the press.

Pending a positive identification, this could provide some closure for Sands’ family after more than five months of searching. While it seems likely that Sands has been found, it is important to note that many other hikers have also gone missing in the Mount Baldy area. More than 100 search and rescue operations have been conducted in the area since 2020 alone. Six fatalities have been confirmed. The actor was among several hikers who went missing in January; that month, a 75-year-old hiker was found alive nine days after Sands disappeared. In February, the body of a 62-year-old man was found, who vanished on the same day as Sands.

Sands’ family had long since accepted that the actor had died. Among the first to speak out was his brother Nick Sands. Barely two weeks after his brother’s disappearance, Nick remarked that, in a way, it was fitting that Julian should die. After all, he was doing what he loved in a place he particularly loved. It is, of course, a small consolation, but it may still be significant for the actor’s admirers.

Recently, the family issued a statement in recognition of last week’s extensive search. The family thanked the volunteers, along with the sheriff’s department, for their continued commitment to finding Sands, even after five months without any new leads.

Source: The New York Times

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