Evil Dead Rise: You Wouldn’t Believe Which Horror Classic Inspired the Movie!

MOVIE NEWS – Director Lee Cronin has revealed that one of the biggest influences on the look of Evil Dead Rise was another classic horror film that didn’t come from Sam Raimi.



Although the look of the films is now iconic, writer/director Lee Cronin revealed that the style of Evil Dead Rise was inspired by another classic horror film. Cronin took the helm of the Evil Dead films from franchise creator Sam Raimi and Fede Álvarez.

Cronin explained that he has the visual language in mind when writing a script for a project. However, outside of Sam Raimi’s classic filmography, he looked to another iconic horror film for inspiration. Watch below to see what Cronin explained:

“Something myself and my director of photography spoke about a lot was we still wanted it to feel like it was kind of on an epic canvas, the choices we made with lenses, and how we wanted to approach that, and to still give you quite a kind of widescreen cinematic feel. We talked about Alien, you’re trapped inside this contained spaceship, yet you kind of feel that width, you feel that sense of spectacle, and that was something that we worked in prep on very, very hard.”

Despite more than 40 years having passed since the film first hit cinemas, Raimi’s style in the original Evil Dead movie and its sequels remains one of the most iconic in the horror genre.

The director’s commitment to practical effects over very gory and increasingly outrageous stories not only led to a confidence in DIY filmmaking in future storytellers but also contributed to the darkly humorous nature of the various Evil Dead films.

Raimi’s unique Evil Dead style was not limited to the horror genre. After all, with the Spider-Man trilogy, Oz, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, he has also translated his work to blockbuster filmmaking. This influence has even extended to other filmmakers. In Spider-Man: No Way Home, Jon Watts adopted the Raimi cam style. The quick zoom-ups of the cast are all the more meaningful, given that Tobey Maguire is returning to the Marvel Universe for a film.

Evil Dead Rise is now available on HBO Max in 4K.

Source: IMDB, Slashfilm.com

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