Nintendo Switch: Official Switch 2 Codename Has Been Leaked?!

The inevitable successor to the Nintendo Switch has been kept mostly under wraps until now. But of all the Switch 2 leaks so far, this one looks really interesting…



As the Nintendo Switch enters its seventh year on the market, many in the industry and fandom are wondering when and how Nintendo will unveil the sequel. Given that the current console is showing its age. It will either lose ports or get significantly dumbed down versions.

Nintendo has confirmed only two things about its next console: that it will take over Nintendo accounts from gamers and (half-heartedly) the simple fact that it exists.

And thanks to the well-known leaker NWPlayer123, the code name has apparently been revealed. At least for those of us who work at Nintendo. Although the original tweet was deleted, the image has been saved. The screenshot from the exclusive developer site shows a list of Nintendo’s current and slightly older consoles. At the very top is an entry that reads “NX 2”. NX was the original Switch codename until its unveiling in October 2016.

Of course, this could all be a placeholder for something else. It’s yet to be finalised, but such a detail combined with the fact that it boasts the same Joy-Con icon as the Switch lends credence to the idea that the new hardware will be a very similar successor. So it’s not an entirely new concept. The new console is expected to boast more powerful specifications. It could rival the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. Of course, only time will tell which of the many rumours are true and which are not.

Nintendo has stated that even after seven years, it is still pleased with the Switch’s continued success, which explains why it is hesitant to release a substantial update.

But profits have fallen recently. The company has a well-documented reliance on software to stay afloat. With profits set to fall further, it may be time for Nintendo to stop resting on its laurels. Instead of working in the shadows, it’s time to build some hype for its inevitable next console.

Source: Twisted Voxel

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