Who Should Direct The Next Nightmare On Elm Street? Robert Englund Answers!

MOVIE NEWS – Robert Englund is excited to see someone else take on the role of the slasher. He even knows who would be the perfect director for the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie…



Robert Englund, who played the iconic monster, Freddy Krueger, may be ready to move on from the past. While he’s prepared to let someone else shine, he’s also got an idea for a new Nightmare on Elm Street movie.

Wes Craven was one of the greatest horror filmmakers of all time. From Nightmare on Elm Street to the Scream franchise, Craven is credited with creating some of the films that still have a cult following today. Nightmare on Elm Street was rebooted in 2010. However, it was not a great success with critics or fans of the beloved 1984 film. Fortunately, the most recent reboot of the Scream franchise has received nothing but critical acclaim.

Of course, with Craven’s death in 2015, there is some question as to who would be the right person to direct the Nightmare on Elm Street reboot, but Englund knows just the person.

The actor who played Freddy Krueger seems to know precisely who should direct the new version of Nightmare on Elm Street. None other than the master of elevated horror himself, Jordan Peele, of course. “There’s extraordinary work being done right now. I don’t want to live in a world without Jordan Peele. Get Out is absolute genius,” Englund told Insider.

The Nope director has publicly called Nightmare on Elm Street “the best horror movie ever made.” In a 2019 interview with Jimmy Fallon, Peele admitted that even the film’s poster gave him chills. “I’d see like, the Nightmare On Elm Street poster, and it would just creep me out,” Peele said. “Not even the whole movie, you know, for like two years, I was just creeped out by the poster.”

Since his directorial debut with Get Out, the horror fan has continued to sell out theatres for his latest and newest horror films, which never disappoint. Since his younger days, it’s clear that Peele has overcome his fear of Freddy. Instead, he has channelled his inner Freddy Kruger.

Some might roll their eyes and say, “Another reboot?”. Maybe this is the reboot the horror world needs. While nothing is set in stone yet, hiring Peele to direct the classic horror franchise is a logical step. With Peele’s involvement, the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise could once again flourish for a new generation of horror fans. As for Englund, he may be ready to hand over the role of Freddy Krueger to someone else, but if asked, he wouldn’t be opposed to a cameo.

Source: Insider, YouTube

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