Deus Ex: Bitter Disappointment Is Waiting For Fans Regarding The New Game?!

Recent news may disappoint Deus Ex fans expecting a sequel to Adam Jensen’s story after Mankind Divided…



Deus Ex voice actor Adam Jensen recently confirmed that he is not currently working on the franchise. Despite previous rumours that a new game may be in the works. Mankind Divided is one of the best cyberpunk games ever released. So most fans will probably be very disappointed if it never gets a sequel.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, released back in 2016, was critically acclaimed as one of the best mature sci-fi games, combining an excellent cyberpunk atmosphere with a great design inspired by the immersive sim genre.

However, the game didn’t sell as well as intended. In fact, Mankind Divided ended with a cliffhanger that frustrated those who wanted to see the story end. Because of this, many franchise fans have been waiting years for a sequel. It seems that a new update may disappoint them.

Elias Toufexis, the relatively well-known voice actor who portrayed Adam Jensen in the last two mainline games, has officially stated that he is not currently working on a new Deus Ex. According to him, he is pretty busy with new projects at the moment. Unfortunately, not with his beloved cyberpunk franchise. Nor is he in contact with the developer of the series.

Last year, journalist Jason Schreier confirmed that a new Deus Ex was very much in the early stages of development. Schreier has excellent contacts in the industry and is often accurate. So it’s fair to say that the plans for the new game are real.

This information comes a few months after the Embracer Group bought Eidos Montreal from Square Enix, signalling a possible change in the studio’s strategy.

However, nothing official has been released since then. All speculation is based on rumours. It seems likely, for example, that a game for the franchise was already in development last year. However, whether the project has been cancelled or will continue is unclear. Other rumours suggest that the new game could be a cooperative title. It may be set in South Asia, as recent job postings have hinted at both possibilities. However, whether or not the new title will indeed star Adam Jensen and continue the plot of the previous game (and whether or not it will be called Toufexis) remains a mystery.

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