It’s Currently Impossible To Win The Platinum Trophy In A Popular Game!

The developer probably didn’t think ahead with the game, and their approach led to an incomprehensible scenario.


We’re talking about Capcom’s Street Fighter 6, released in June for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC, and PlayStation 4. (Resident Evil 4 Remake for PlayStation 4 also came out in the spring, as Sony probably paid the Japanese publisher to cross-gen the two games running on RE Engine…) However, it is currently impossible to “unlock” the Platinum trophy on PlayStation 5 or get all achievements on Xbox, as there is a minor shortcoming.

Street Fighter 6 has server issues in its tournaments. If the game worked adequately in this area, players could visit Sebastian in the Battle Hub (he is the Event Counter) and jump into a tournament. Currently, no tournaments are available due to technical glitches, and because of it, Street Fighter 6 cannot be 100% completed, as three trophies/achievements are tied to tournaments!

Gazing at the Peak will be yours once you enter a tournament. Steely Determination will unlock after five entries. Dominating Like a Ninja is the hardest, requiring winning ten tournament matches. A few lucky players have managed to get these in the past, but the majority failed. We’ll have to wait until Capcom relaunches the feature, and we’d like to add that the definition of Dominating Like a Ninja is inaccurate, as it officially says that you need to win ten tournaments, which is incorrect: you only need to win ten matches in the tournaments! (The trophy was opened by 0.01% of the players. So only one person in ten thousand!)

We must ask something embarrassing: why couldn’t Capcom have done a more comprehensive, proper test to see if everything in their game worked? Street Fighter V wasn’t in good shape at launch in 2016 either (in fact, it was only released for PlayStation 4 and PC and was lacking in content!).

Source: GameRant

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