There’s Actual CGI in Oppenheimer – But in Erotic Aspect You Wouldn’t Expect!

MOVIE NEWS – Perhaps the most disturbing film of this year’s cinema season is Oppenheimer, which with its unsettling questions and artistic monumentality will keep the viewer on the edge of their seats. One of the many special features of the production is that director Christopher Nolan did not use computer tricks (CGI) because he is a lover of artisanal cinema.


The use of CGI would have given itself, since the film is about the creation of the atomic bomb, and yet they could not detonate a real nuclear weapon for the sake of authenticity. Around the time of the premiere, such a rumor spread, but the leader of the trick team was quick to reassure everyone that the nuclear explosion was simulated using traditional means.

However, there is CGI in Oppenheimer, but surprisingly not where you would think. One of the main characters, Florence Pugh, was given a pretty black suit in the present, where the character she plays falls naked in the armchair. The digital intervention was carried out in the case of the Indian, Indonesian and Middle Eastern copies of Oppenheimer, because the depiction of nudity is prohibited in those countries. In some countries, signs warning of the dangers of smoking are also displayed where Oppenheimer lights up. The atomic scientist was a chain smoker and died of lung cancer, so the depiction of his harmful habit is historically authentic, but the local authorities thought it important to provide the viewers with additional information in this regard.

Oppenheimer‘s first weekend worldwide gross was $174 million, which is as much as a muscular superhero movie. This is an amazing achievement considering that it is an auteur film dealing with an extremely serious subject.

(Oppenheimer already in domestic cinemas!)

Source: UIP Dunafilm

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