What Happened to this Important Character’s Face in Episode Eight of The Witcher’s Third Season? – Why Does He Look Like This? [SPOILER]

MOVIE NEWS – In the eighth episode of The Witcher series’ third season, a newly introduced villain stands next to Emhyr with his face horribly scarred in a scene. We explain why!



In the second part of The Witcher’s third season, Henry Cavill’s time as Geralt of Rivia comes to an end, and the series leaves behind the newly appeared villain, Vilgefortz (played by: Mahesh Jadu) with a severely scarred face. It’s not yet clear if the third season will be enough to keep the fans glued to the screen after Henry Cavill’s departure, but the series managed to say a fitting goodbye to Cavill, with numerous exciting action scenes and dramatic moments. It’s important to note that in the third season, Vilgefortz becomes the formidable villain we remember from the books.
The conclusion of The Witcher’s third season follows the books fairly closely: Ciri (Freya Allan) joins the Rats; Geralt, Jaskier (Joey Batey), and Milva (Meng’er Zhang) leave the Brokilon Forest; Emhyr (Bart Edwards) introduces a fake Ciri to his court. The series makes changes to the storyline found in the books in certain parts, especially on Yennefer’s (Anya Chalotra) thread, but overall, the third season follows the books much more faithfully than the previous two seasons. This includes the severe scarring on Vilgefortz’s face, which comes directly from Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels.

Vilgefortz gained scars from the explosion at Tor Lara

At the end of The Witcher’s third season, Vilgefortz’s face becomes severely scarred after Ciri activates the portal at Tor Lara, causing an explosion. The portal at Tor Lara is known for its instability, and when Ciri activates it and gets sucked into the portal, the whole structure explodes and falls on Vilgefortz. It appears that Vilgefortz was able to protect most of his body from the explosion, undoubtedly using his incredible magical abilities, but it seems that his face got hit before he could get his shield up, which resulted in the scars we see when he appears in Emhyr’s court.

This happens similarly in the book. Vilgefortz easily defeats Geralt, who chases Ciri on the brink of death, but he doesn’t catch up with her before she steps into the portal. Interestingly, Vilgefortz decides not to hide his scars with magic, which he could do, considering that his assistant, Lydia also covered half of her face with an illusion.


What’s expected for Vilgefortz’s character after the third season of The Witcher? (SPOILERS)


In the fourth season of The Witcher, Vilgefortz tirelessly searches for the real Ciri, to use her for his diabolical plans. In the books, Vilgefortz eventually captures Yennefer, and tries to torture Ciri’s whereabouts out of her, but Yennefer doesn’t know where she is. Eventually, Geralt and Ciri arrive, and Geralt and Yennefer duel together against Vilgefortz, while Ciri faces off with Leo Bonhart, one of the witcher’s toughest and most fearsome warriors. Vilgefortz pulls the strings across the entire continent, searching for the Child of Elder Blood, but he spends most of the books in hiding.

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