Red Dead Redemption Remake: We’ve Got Two Good News And One Bad… [VIDEO]

All signs point to the fact that Rockstar Games is indeed challenging at work on a Red Dead Redemption remake. We’ve rounded up the latest rumours about the game.



Fans have been demanding a remake of Red Dead Redemption for years. While it would be nice if Rockstar Games could get back on the horse and bring back the original, I’m sure many are reluctant to get their hopes up after the nightmare that was Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. What was supposed to be a loving remaster of three classic GTA games turned out to be a distorted, buggy mess. It somehow made the games worse than when they were released 20+ years ago.

It’s safe to say that many fans won’t be interested in a remastered version of the first Red Dead Redemption unless it gets the care it deserves, and according to rumours and leaks, that may be precisely what we’re going to get.

A Reddit fan thread titled “Red dead Redemption will be a remake not a remaster according to previous leaks” shared information from “legitimate leakers” who have “good experience” in reporting credible information about the Grand Theft Auto series. The leaked information, contained in a deleted tweet linked in the thread, claims that RDR 1 is being remade with the RDR 2 game engine.

As the post rightly points out, the deleted tweet is from 2021. So it should be treated with due caution. But a complete remake is possible, especially given the game’s critically acclaimed status.


Red Dead Redemption, all by ourselves?!


The rumoured Red Dead Redemption remake looks set to be released without one of the original game’s best features. While fans debate whether to pre-order a game that may or may not exist, an insider has suggested that the RDR remake will be released without multiplayer.

Now, I’ll admit that when most people think of Red Dead Redemption, they probably think of the incredible open-world and single-player story. But the original had a brilliant multiplayer component that frankly puts Red Dead Online to shame.



Red Dead Redemption 2



The original Red Dead Redemption’s multiplayer modes included everything from co-op to full PVP and all sorts of fun gameplay.

Given the existence of Red Dead Online, it’s not that surprising that Rockstar decided to exclude the older multiplayer. I can also imagine that, in addition to a massive single-player storyline, recreating a whole series of multiplayer modes would be a lot of work for a company that is also trying to release GTA 6 sometime this century. So I’ll refrain from reproach this time.

There is good news! The same source suggests that the remake will come with the Undead Nightmare DLC. The latter is also widely regarded as one of the best video game expansions of all time. And if we have to choose between multiplayer and Undead Nightmare? Well, the zombies always win.


What started the rumour mill?


It all started when the South Korean rating body listed a brand new version of RDR on their site back in June. The new entry listed on 15 June is separate from the original 2010 version. Then, a week ago, a new logo appeared on the back of Rockstar’s own website. It read “Rockstar Games Presents Red Dead Redemption”, seemingly confirming that something was happening with the game. It looks like it will be a remake, not a remaster, which I think most of us were hoping for. There are even rumours that the game could be coming to Switch. Let’s hope we’ll know more soon.

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Red dead Redemption will be a remake not a remaster according to previous leaks
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