Nintendo Switch 2, PlayStation 5 Pro: More Rumors About The New Hardware

With two consoles rumored in the space of a day, here’s what we’ve heard about them.


Let’s start with the successor to the Nintendo Switch, which several sites recently reported could reach gamers in the second half of 2024. In a video, Nate the Hate, who has previously leaked accurate information on many occasions, talks about what he’s learned about the platform, which is supposed to work in handheld mode, too. According to him, the new N platform will be released between September and early October 2024, and he believes a new 3D Mario game will be among the launch titles.

He also talked about the hardware. According to him, it will have an 8″ LCD (so he heard what other rumors have said: no OLED due to cost-cutting), which is larger than the base model (6.2″), but even larger than the 7″ display of the OLED version. According to the insider, the flash memory, or storage, will see a significant increase, with 512 GB available. Games will also be more graphically detailed and need more space.

And a British website, Startmenu, says that Nintendo will unveil the new console at Gamescom. The event will take place from August 23 to 27 in Cologne, Germany, and the site heard about it in July, but we suspected it for a while, as Nintendo hasn’t turned up at Gamescom for several years and has little other reason to be there this year.

A few words about the PlayStation 5 Pro: AMD hardware insider Kepler (the name is somewhat ironic, as it was the name of the GPU architecture that Nvidia ran ten years ago) wrote on Twitter that the technology would not be on the 3-nanometer node (N3E), but 4 (N4P). He says there is no significant difference in terms of power/performance. The logic circuits are more densely packed in N3E, but silicon is more expensive. Previously, we heard from Tom Henderson that the console would have advanced ray tracing, 8K power mode, more stable 4K performance, and 60 compute units (CU) instead of 36.

All of it is not yet official.

Source: WCCFTech, WCCFTech, WCCFTech

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