One of the Investors in the Anti-Child Trafficking Movie Sound of Freedom, Fabian Marta, Arrested for Child Abduction

MOVIE NEWS – Sound of Freedom, directed by Alejandro Monteverde and starring Jim Caviezel, tells the story of a former government agent. The protagonist goes on a private mission to South America to dismantle a child trafficking network, and the movie is loosely based on real events.



Marta was a crowdfunding supporter of the film and her name appears on the theme song. Further details of the arrest have not yet been released.

The anti-child trafficking film “Sound of Freedom” has become a huge blockbuster, but one of the film’s backers has now been arrested for child abduction. Jim Caviezel, who stars in the film, portrays Tim Ballard, a former government agent who travels to South America to dismantle a child sex trafficking ring. The film is loosely based on true events and was one of the biggest box office hits of the summer.

Following the box office success of “Sound of Freedom,” Newsweek reported that Fabian Marta, one of the film’s investors, was arrested and charged with child abduction. Marta was among thousands of backers of the film who participated in the crowdfunding campaign, and his name is listed in the credits as “one of the investors who helped bring the film to theaters. Marta was arrested on July 23 and faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

Angel Studios’ “Sound of Freedom” is the biggest independent film hit of the year, with a budget of $14.5 million and grosses already exceeding $155 million. The movie even rivaled mega-blockbusters like Indiana Jones and the Doomsday Machine, The Flash and the first part of Mission: Impossible – The Terminal Showdown. Although Sound of Freedom received mixed reviews from critics, many of whom criticized the film for not being faithful to real-life events, public support helped the film achieve its outstanding success.

The film’s marketing strategy was unique and successful, tapping into a conservative and religious base and equating advocacy against child trafficking with support for the film. Caviezel, previously seen as a controversial figure due to his support of the harmful QAnon conspiracy theories, played a crucial role in reaching the target audience.

Another major factor in the film’s success was Angel Studios’ “Pay It Forward” campaign, which allowed supporters to send money to offset the cost of tickets, thus increasing the film’s reach. This strategy reportedly resulted in many “sold-out” screenings of “Sound of Freedom” that were actually attended by few.


Source : Newsweek

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