Baldur’s Gate 3 Players Were Impressed by a Surprising Detail of the Game

A Baldur’s Gate 3 player has discovered a detail that has the community impressed with the craftsmanship of Larian Studios’ new game.

A Baldur’s Gate 3 player noticed that each item has its own unique 3D model. Baldur’s Gate 3 is already winning the hearts of players with its deep and thoughtful story, rich lore, and endless gameplay possibilities. With so much attention paid to story and gameplay, the new game from Larian Studios surprises players in another way.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is full of complex systems that are not easy to learn and abound in Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition rules. Baldur’s Gate 3 is a great game not only because of the classes available to so many players, or the wealth of options beyond the character creator. Baldur’s Gate 3’s file size is also significant, so the developers strongly recommend that players use an SSD to explore the massive map and story set over a century after the events of Baldur’s Gate 2.

Reddit user RedBattleBandit discovered that every item in Baldur’s Gate 3 has its own 3D model. In his post, he described how he found a random chest containing three books, and after taking a closer look at them, he realized that every book in Baldur’s Gate 3 has a cover that matches the theme. For example, the book about Hell had a red cover. The player then looked through his own inventory and realized that every item in Baldur’s Gate 3 had a unique model, and even the keys were not the same. The player also found that every plant, mushroom, and alchemy tool in Baldur’s Gate 3 has a unique animation.

RedBattleBandit’s post has over 2000 votes and nearly 300 comments on the Baldur’s Gate 3 subreddit. Several commenters have praised the work Larian Studios has done on Baldur’s Gate 3, and due to the size of the game, there has been some debate among players as to whether Larian should be considered an indie or AAA developer. Another player also mentioned an interesting detail, this time about Baldur’s Gate 3’s music, which changes depending on the situation and environment. Another player praised the same feature, which can be seen in previous games such as the classic Monkey Island series.

For a game this big, it’s no surprise that Larian’s title needs a lot of tweaking. The first hotfix for Baldur’s Gate 3 fixed over 150 issues, including audio, user interface, gameplay, and various crashes. Due to the positive feedback from fans and the support of the developer, it is expected that Baldur’s Gate 3 will engage the players for a long time with its complex systems and exciting missions.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available now on PC and will debut on PS5 on September 6th. An Xbox version is also under development.

Source: Reddit

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