Baldur’s Gate III’s Sex Scenes Are Voiced by a Voice Actor: He Sent a Surprising Message to the Players! [VIDEO]

Baldur’s Gate III employed a special voice actor to record the sounds of the sex scenes, who has now made a surprising comment to game fans: he will be able to come to mind with every moan!


The first two parts of the Baldur’s Gate series are icons of computer role-playing games, so the announcement of the third part generated enormous anticipation among fans. And the creation of Larian Studios, the developer of the Divinity games, gives everything that players expected, including sexually charged scenes. This was so important to the developers that they employed a separate voice actor just to record the voices of the sex scenes.

Voice actor Alex Jordan has already appeared in several games such as Atomic Hearth and Amnesia: The Bunker. She shared her thoughts on the request on the TikTok platform and also sent a message to players who like Baldur’s Gate III’s sex scenes. He shared the studio’s request and his experience during the recording: “It was pretty weird, like I had to make sounds like ‘Hmmm!’ or ‘Ahh!’. I also kissed my own hand a lot.”

Jordan, the voice actor, encourages players to enjoy Baldur’s Gate III and its sex scenes and remember that every moan is his voice: “Keep that in mind when you’re running around the game world, you horny roleplayers!”

The full version of Baldur’s Gate III arrived on PC on August 3rd, and the PS5 version is coming on September 6th, and in 2024 the RPG will also be released on Xbox Series X/S. Hungarian subtitles are already available for it, and it is also worth reading our article about why the big studios are afraid of the role-playing game’s success.

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