Over 150 Bugs Fixed In The First Hotfix For Baldur’s Gate 3

The bug fixes for what can be considered a massive CRPG by any standards were started by Belgian Larian Studios immediately after the PC release.


While the PlayStation 5 version is still a month away (and while the release date for the Xbox Series version is unknown due to split-screen co-op not running correctly on the Xbox Series S version), the game is already available on PC. Larian’s list reports a lot of bug fixes, even though the game is a critical and player success. But Steam Deck, for example, is not doing particularly well with the game previously available in early access since late 2020.

Larian Studios has taken over the development of the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)-based IP from BioWare. BioWare put together the first installment in 1998, and since then has maintained a strong focus on player choice and gameplay in the style of tabletop RPGs. The developers also take a humorous approach here and there, even hiding a secret message in the EULA that probably no one would have noticed by default because there’s usually just a ton of jargon.

We mention a few things that were fixed in the first Larian hotfix. For example, characters don’t disappear when you’re in split-screen gameplay, and the save system has been checked (Larian says they’re focusing on cross-save, so you should be able to move your save between platforms so that you can transfer it from PC to PlayStation 5). Several crashes have been resolved, but it’s questionable whether Steam Deck has been able to keep the new Baldur’s Gate from crashing on launch. There were also several bugs in the game’s cutscenes, and most of the fixes were aimed at addressing them, as Baldur’s Gate 3 is heavily story-driven.

Characters are less prone to clipping through each other, cameras have been moved to their correct places in several places, and an NPC does not turn his back on the character in an endgame scene. We could go on, but that would risk spoilers, which we don’t want in this case, so click on the link in the second paragraph at your risk.

Source: GameRant

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