Revolutionary Mod Is Available For Free For One Big Hit Rockstar Game! [VIDEO]

The mod is free to download from the Nexus Mods site and includes role-playing elements, adding a spice to an already complex Rockstar gem.



Rockstar Games has managed to retain millions of players for GTA 5. All this, even though it has been almost ten years since the title was released. After all this time, many users have longed for an expansion that tells a new story with different characters. But the big R focused only on GTA Online. However, some modders do a great job and can give us hours of entertainment.

As reported by our VidaExtra colleagues, a modder called Bloc has released a mod for the PC version of GTA 5 as an add-on.

It’s free to download via Nexus Mods and adds several missions. However, the mod, called Inworld Sentient Streets, is unique in that you won’t be controlling criminals, but instead, you’ll be a police officer, and you’ll have to enforce the law.

One of the most exciting aspects is how the NPCs work. They are based on the artificial intelligence called Inworld AI. It’s pretty similar to ChatGPT. So much so that you can even talk to them in real-time! The mod also has some role-playing elements, which would be great for the next part.

This will allow you to make decisions in the various investigations we carry out. We will also be able to initiate interviews in a much more intensive way. In addition, we can choose the path of corruption to get more money. Moreover, the developers are not sitting on their laurels. They are still working on the mode to integrate as many new features and role-playing elements as possible.

Source: VidaExtra

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