Baldur’s Gate 3: World Record Speedrun – The Deadliest Combat Tactic! [VIDEO]

In just over ten minutes, a Baldur’s Gate 3 speedrunner has finished off Larian Studios’ massive role-playing game with a rather entertaining-looking strategy (WARNING, potential spoilers for Act 2 and 3 plot!)



One player managed to beat Baldur’s Gate 3 in just over ten minutes. Setting a speedrun world record just two weeks after its release. Footage of their incredible feat was posted online just as Baldur’s Gate 3 became the highest-rated PC game of all time. While many players couldn’t even beat the first act.

Larian Studios has long been open about the fact that their latest game is also their most ambitious game yet.

Precisely, the Belgian developer has previously estimated that a first, fairly thorough playthrough of Baldur’s Gate 3 will take at least 75 hours, while a full exploration of the game could take up to 200 hours.

Nevertheless, it turned out that the game could be played in minutes. At least, if players choose Gale as their Baldur’s Gate 3 origin character and are willing to engage in some serious antics. In fact, the Canadian-based speedrunner Mae managed to beat Larian’s massive RPG in 10 minutes and 3 seconds – including load time! She did so by skipping through pretty much all the challenges until they reached the end of the second act. Exactly the place where Gale can choose to blow himself up by detonating the Netherese Destruction Orb stuck in his chest under the Moonrise Towers.

Currently, this is the only known way to legitimately skip the game’s final boss fight and the rest of Act III, which technically hasn’t even started when Mae blows up Gale for the Empire. Another question is whether it’s worth doing so, as the game still has plenty of surprises in store. You can admire the “full” playthrough of Mae’s tricks in the video at the end of this article.



Baldur's Gate 3



The Baldur’s Gate 3 Owlbear nuke is here!


The game’s critical and commercial success is due in part to the D&D style of play that maximizes player choice and action. Now players have taken the Baldur’s Gate 3 ruleset to new heights with the “Owlbear Nuke” tactic.

The Twitch streamer Ellohime laid out the strategy in a clip posted on Twitter, which showed 821 damage being dealt by a druid. The key to the combo is shapeshifting into Owlbear and dive-bombing enemies.

Baldur’s Gate 3 adapts the D&D rules around gravity and mass, which can be applied to the Crushing Flight class action to devastating effect.

The heavier your form, the more damage you can deal with the Crushing Flight action, and the higher you fall, the greater the area of impact.

As Ellohime demonstrates, adding significant weight to a five-ton owl with the Enlarge spell and stacking crates for a higher launch position pushes the limits of the manoeuvre. This is a fantastic example of why people are so enamoured with the Larian RPG.

The Crushing Flight’s damage is halved if the target succeeds at the Force saving throw, which is precisely what Ellohime’s victim did. This means that the initial damage roll would have been a bone-crushing 1,642 hits of damage.

Time will tell if Ellohime will regret creating this weapon of mass destruction. We imagine that, like the atomic bomb, the real consequences of this invention have yet to be felt…

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