The Last Of Us Series: Second Season Not Even Done Yet, But Already It’s Misleading Us?!

Season 2 of The Last of Us can already lie to viewers about who will survive the apocalypse. Who is more likely to die in the next season? (WARNING! This article contains spoilers for The Last of Us Part II!)



The Last of Us can already lie about which characters are safe in Season 2. This could potentially lead to unexpected twists for beloved characters who survived the first season.

Co-creator and showrunner Craig Mazin hints at the safety of the characters in season 2 of The Last of Us, leaving us with the belief that no one is truly safe in an apocalyptic world.

The first season they proved that innocent people can die. This was shown with characters like Henry and Sam, who were two brothers, and Joel’s daughter Sarah, who died on the first day of the apocalypse. For a horror series like The Last of Us, having a high-stakes story for realism is essential. But in season two, certain characters have to survive for the sake of the plot. However, the revelation that no one is safe in season two may be a lie.


The “anyone can die in season 2 of The Last of Us” narrative is misleading


Craig Mazin, showrunner and co-creator, claims that anyone can die in season 2 of The Last of Us. While this is true for most of the supporting characters, and even main characters like Joel (as seen in Part 2 of the video game), it cannot apply to Ellie and her story. Ellie drives the plot in season 2 as she seeks revenge on another group for killing Joel. This means that she is entirely off-limits when it comes to being killed.

If the creators decided against his survival, it would not only change the whole story, but the very essence of it.

Viewers will continue to see Ellie in future seasons as she finds out what happened in the hospital. She forms new friendships and romantic bonds, and struggles to trust Joel again after he lied about the fireflies. More people may survive Season 2 and die in later seasons instead. Viewers speculate that Joel may live longer for character development. Season 2 will be an emotional story with twists and turns. We may even follow new paths that were not present in the video game.



Több karakter sorsát is megváltoztatta Neil Druckmann a és Halley Gross The Last of Us 2 eredeti forgatókönyvéhez képest.



Why is it important to HBO that viewers believe anyone can die in season two?


HBO wants to target beloved characters’ safety because that will keep viewers engaged in the series. Not everyone can quickly get into a horror series with fungus-infested zombies running around. But if we don’t know if certain characters will die, and if so, when, it can quickly add to the tension. By teasing the fate of certain characters before the release of season 2, viewers will be nervous but excited to watch the series. So there will be even more talk about the popular series.

As with other horror series like The Walking Dead and All of Us Are Dead, anyone really can die here, but only if it’s appropriate for the story.

Season 1 did a great job of creating tension and upping the stakes by putting the characters under a myriad of threats. Including evil groups and the infected. Henry, Sam, Sarah and Tess were probably unexpected deaths for those who haven’t played the video game. No warning signs were given to the viewer in advance. If the second season follows the same tension with more action sequences and a greater presentation of potential threats, viewers will be more likely to believe that anyone could die, no matter how important to the plot.


Who will die in The Last of Us season 2?


Viewers who have played The Last of Us video game can expect one death, particularly in Season 2: Joel. Audiences grew to love Joel as he opened up throughout the series and became a father figure to Ellie after she lost her daughter. In the video games, however, he dies at the hands of Abby. She is the daughter of the surgeon Joel killed when he saved Ellie from surgery. It seems her death is inevitable in order for Ellie’s revenge and development to take place in season 2 of the series. While many characters do not survive, it is not true that “anyone can die” as Ellie must be kept alive.

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