Twin Peaks’ PS1-Style Fan Game’s Demo Is Available [VIDEO]

Twin Peaks: Into the Night will be one of the game adaptations of the franchise, and while the project is unofficial, it’s a rarity.


Inconceivably, only ONE game from David Lynch’s iconic series has ever been officially made, and that was a VR title (Twin Peaks VR was released in 2019). There were plans for a game adaptation on the NES in 1991, but that idea ended up in the bin. Yes, the series is that old, as Lynch’s work debuted on the US ABC network in April 1990, ran for two seasons, was canceled in 1991, and then got a third season on Showtime in 2017…

Twin Peaks: Into the Night is being developed for PC, and a demo is available to download from It follows the same style as the first episode of Silent Hill and follows the events of Lynch’s series. The demo description reads, “Created as an homage to good old ’90s games classics, Twin Peaks: Into the Night is a fan game adaptation of the eponymous series created by Mark Frost and David Lynch. Have a taste of a new gameplay experience that will immerse you directly into the show’s unique atmosphere.”

The game is being developed by just two people under the name Blue Rose Team, and they’ve posted the following message on Twitter: “As a quick reminder, this is a free fan game, made by a tiny team of two on our free time. Please consider this! The project has been passed through word of mouth through the internet beyond what we had imagined. It makes things even more exciting for us, yet pretty terrifying at the same time. So, a huge thanks to everyone who will take the time to try the game out and to everyone who has shared the project. This demo is intended to show you the direction we’re taking, and we’ve put our hearts at it. We’re already working on the next release; patience is required, and it will come soon enough! We will, of course, keep in touch with your guys on our social networks to show the progress we’re making on the game.”

At least they’re trying to do what we’ve only seen officially once before: turn Twin Peaks into a game…

Source: VGC

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