Voice Of Mario Retires – His Last Performance Promises To Be Memorable!

With Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario, confirmed to be stepping into a new role, his final performance takes on much greater significance.



Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario’s last performance, becomes even more special. He has announced that he is stepping down from the role. Martinet’s portrayal of Mario as a voice actor has been etched in the hearts and memories of millions of fans worldwide. All good things come to an end, but Martinet will be replaced in a different position at Nintendo. His last portrayal of Mario felt like a funny Easter egg, but now I feel like it fits.

Charles Martinet started working as Mario for Nintendo in 1991: he previously said he was the last to audition for the role and almost missed out on the opportunity entirely.

Initially, he attended special trade show events, where he would talk to attendees through Mario’s voice on display. His first video feature was the 1992 Super Mario Bros. pinball machine, followed by 1994’s Mario Teaches Typing. Most people first heard his voice in Super Mario 64 in 1996. Martinet has since voiced Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi and others in well over 100 Nintendo games.

It was announced on Monday that Martinet would step down from his voice actor role and be replaced as “Ambassador Mario”. He will no longer be recording, but will continue to travel the world for Nintendo events. However, it is still possible that future projects will use Martinet’s voice in some form for the role. Currently, his last Mario role is in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Viewers of the film may not know, but Martinet provided the voice of Mario and Luigi’s father. This is now a heartfelt farewell to Martinet and a moment that marks the transition into a new era of Mario.

Nintendo has already confirmed that the next big Mario game, Super Mario Wonder, will not use Martinet’s voice.

Nintendo fans had already speculated from early trailers that the voice actor would be someone new in Nintendo’s next game. The new voice actor has not yet been named. Despite the new voice actor, Mario’s voice still clearly comes from Martinet’s previous work.

Although Martinet’s last Mario credit was in the Super Mario Bros. movie, his last video game role is somewhat surprising. This is Mario + Rabbids Spark of Hope, a tactical game published by Ubisoft. Martinet also voiced Mario and Luigi in the project.

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