Zack Snyder Is Making A “Special Announcement” – Here’s Where He’ll Be Speaking!

MOVIE NEWS – Famed filmmaker Zack Snyder is scheduled to appear at Gamescom 2023 for a “special announcement” that he hinted at possibly back in March.



Zack Snyder will appear at Gamescom 2023 to promote his upcoming Netflix movie Rebel Moon. He’ll also share a “special announcement” that’s likely related to the epic space opera film. The latest iteration of Gamescom is scheduled to open on August 23 and run until August 27.

As has become customary at the Cologne-based fair, this year’s edition of Gamescom will be immediately preceded by an Opening Night Live event. Summer Game Fest organiser Geoff Keighley will host the show.

Taking to Twitter, Keighley confirmed that Zack Snyder would join him on stage during the event to show off a teaser for Rebel Moon and share a “special announcement”.

While the latter will presumably have to do with the upcoming film, the mysterious announcement may be gaming-related. This is not only due to Netflix’s choice of location to promote the big-budget movie. It’s also because Snyder himself confirmed back in March that Rebel Moon would be getting a game adaptation this March.

So far, not much is known about the upcoming video game adaptation. Snyder has been less than forthcoming about his expectations for the project. On the contrary, the famous filmmaker said at the time that the Rebel Moon game would be “ridiculous in scale”. That’s when he confirmed its existence. According to a previous report, Netflix has been making a AAA game with former Overwatch producer Chacko Sonny since at least 2022. But it’s unclear if that project and the Rebel Moon tie-in are one and the same. The streaming giant’s Los Angeles studio, headed by Sonny, will reportedly be an unannounced title with a live-action title.

Even if the Rebel Moon announcement made at Gamescom ends up focusing on the upcoming game tie-in, that title is unlikely to launch anytime soon.

The majority of Netflix’s in-house game development is currently in its infancy, with Snyder himself hinting that a game adaptation of Rebel Moon was in the works around the turn of the year. Given the ever-increasing length of contemporary game development cycles, it’s unlikely that Netflix will be releasing a first-party AAA title anytime soon.

Given this state of affairs and the fact that Rebel Moon: A Child of Fire will be released on Netflix as early as December 22, the tie-in to the game will likely be too late to capitalise on the blockbuster’s initial momentum. However, Zack Snyder’s first Rebel Moon film is just the beginning, with Netflix previously confirming that it has already greenlit two sequels.

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