Gladiator 2: Outrage Over the $50 Million Refund – Maltese People Are Angry About the Film’s Benefits

MOVIE NEWS – Gladiator 2 is still in the making, but it has already stirred up a lot of controversy with its shooting in Malta. The film received a record amount of $50 million refund from the Maltese film agency, which did not please the local residents and businesses. However, the head of the film agency, Johann Grech, defends the decision and claims that the purpose of the refund was to attract more foreign investment and protect the local jobs.


Gladiator 2 will be the sequel to the historical epic that was released in 2000 and won an Oscar. It will take place 20 years after the first part and will focus on Commodus’ nephew, Lucius, who has changed as an adult since Maximus saved him from his brother. The film will be directed by Ridley Scott again and will feature a star-studded cast, including Paul Mescal (Lucius), Denzel Washington, Connie Nielsen, Derek Jacobi, Djimon Hounsou, Pedro Pascal, Joseph Quinn, Fred Hechinger and May Calamawy.

The film is being shot in Malta, which is a small island country in the south of Europe. The Maltese film agency offers a program for foreign productions that can give them up to 40% refund if they shoot in Malta. Gladiator 2 received this record amount of refund, which amounts to $46.7 million.

The refund, however, did not receive unanimous praise from the Maltese people. Many feel that this is an unfair advantage for foreign films, which takes away money and work from the local industry. The head of the Maltese film agency, Johann Grech, however, disagrees with these arguments. He responded to the criticism in a Twitter video and said that the purpose of the refund was to attract more foreign investment to Malta and to protect and increase the local jobs. Grech said that those who attack the refund are also attacking Malta’s stability and future.

The controversy around Gladiator 2 is not only due to the refund. The film’s shooting is also hampered by several problems. On one hand, animal rights activists are worried about how the film treats animals, especially those horses and camels that are used for the desert scenes. The film’s crew, however, denied these claims and said that all animals are properly cared for and fed. On the other hand, an accident occurred during the shooting when a truck overturned and injured a stuntman. The shooting was suspended after the accident and an investigation was launched.

Gladiator 2 is expected to hit theaters in 2023. Until then, it is worth watching the first part again, which was released in 2000 and was a great success among critics and audiences. The film is an adaptation of a classic historical novel that takes place during Emperor Marcus Aurelius’ time and shows the fight of a Roman gladiator who wants to avenge his family’s death. Gladiator is a film with an impressive visual world, an exciting story and a profound message that should not be missed.

Source: Screenrant

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