Alan Wake 2: Despite A Reasonable Headcount, Remedy’s Job Isn’t Easy!

The communications director of the Finnish studio has admitted that despite the large number of people involved, the task of developing the sequel, which has been expected for over a decade, is not so easy…


Thomas Puha, head of communications at Remedy Entertainment, admitted on Twitter that although they do have more than 100 employees working on Alan Wake 2, circumstances have made it a difficult task to get the sequel running on the Northlight engine. The PC port of the game will support path tracing, and players with Nvidia graphics cards will be able to use DLSS 3.5, which will significantly impact the environment.

“I’ll also say that somehow we are getting this game done with about 130 people on average for about four years of development time (this time is a very elastic term, though) for the quality level we got, which is incredible. We are far from first parties’ or other big studios’ resources. Also, this is by far the toughest game to get done in my eight years at Remedy Entertainment. COVID, Remedy is going through the biggest transformation in its twenty-eight-year history, presenting challenges (like many other developers) and many ups and downs. That’s just life. Somehow, we are managing,” Puha wrote.

Epic Games Publishing funded Alan Wake 2, so they’ll be releasing the game (don’t get your hopes up for a physical release: the Finns have said that we’ll only be looking for the adventures of the journalist and FBI detective digitally), albeit with a very minimal delay of just ten days (!), so expect it on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC on October 27 instead of October 17. On PC, Epic Games has made the game available only on the Epic Games Store for presumably a year. It’s still a relatively small team, as 130 employees is not a massive team for an AAA company.

But there is no doubt that Alan Wake 2 is one of the most anticipated games of this year.

Source: WCCFTech

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