Daryl Dixon’s Appearance in France Risks Undermining the Cohesion of The Walking Dead Universe

MOZI NEWS – Taking Daryl Dixon’s character to France would be a very exciting move for The Walking Dead franchise, but it could also pose a serious risk to future plans for spin-offs. The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon not only focuses on the adventures in France, but also risks undermining the future development of the franchise.


With the mystery of the origins of the zombie apocalypse yet to be fully explored in the universe, Daryl’s (Norman Reedus) journey opens up new possibilities for exploration. Both the newly discovered acid zombies and Daryl’s mutant zombies create new rules for the universe. While this adds new and exciting elements to the story, it also introduces risks that may not pay off.

Creating spin-offs that build on the popular characters of the original series is a risky business. The Walking Dead: Dead City has been a success so far, and it is likely that Daryl will continue to captivate audiences. However, the franchise needs to maintain its coherence and not get too risky. The Walking Dead has already established a coherent set of rules for how zombies work and contextualized the zombie apocalypse accordingly. Daryl French.

In closing, I have to say that the show should not ignore the threads that were picked up in The Walking Dead: World Beyond. French is the key to the entire zombie universe, so he cannot be ignored. While Daryl doesn’t need to find out all the details, the French do.

Daryl’s story in the main show ends with him going on a journey of discovery, The Walking Dead finale explains that Daryl is in France. In the spinoff series, there is some mystery as to how exactly he ends up in Europe, but France would help him continue his mission to learn more about the apocalypse. As World Beyond puts Daryl even more in France, it’s important to unravel the mystery of the outbreak and the experiments that created the walking versions. Much more will be revealed about the Primrose team and their contribution to the plague, which we should get answers to in the upcoming spinoff.


Dead City sets a bad precedent for The Walking Dead continuity


Despite its success, Dead City does not bode well for the continuity of the spinoffs. Other than Maggie, Negan and Hershel, there are no main characters who appear in the spinoff other than in flashbacks. Dead City essentially ignores the finale of The Walking Dead, choosing to skip much of the Commonwealth or Hilltop in favor of Manhattan. Seeing the apocalypse in Manhattan was certainly exciting, but much of the story took place away from the larger world of the franchise. The Croatian proved to be an entertaining villain, but after several seasons of focusing on the Saviors and Negan, it felt disjointed that he wasn’t even mentioned in the main show.

Dead City also failed to advance the franchise’s other storylines. CRM was one of the biggest ongoing mysteries of the series, yet there was no development in Maggie and Negan’s spin-off. One of the most memorable scenes in Dead City was the mutant sewer zombie that attacked Maggie. It was something unique and visually stunning, but there was no actual version. Even though Dead City was a fun standalone series, it never managed to address some of the broader storylines of the universe. This is potentially bad news for Daryl Dixon, as they may prefer to focus on a more self-contained story rather than tackle the big issues of France.

With both Daryl Dixon and Dead City renewed for Season 2, it seems that spin-offs are the future of the show. The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live will continue this spinoff theme, complementing World Beyond and Fear The Walking Dead. All of these spinoffs will help create an additional universe to the main series, but Daryl Dixon could ruin it before they get off the ground. If the spinoff doesn’t deal with the France lore established in the other shows, it undermines the entire shared universe that has been created. Without a continuation of the France spinoff story, it will be harder to invest in the individual series.

If there is no connection between the shows, it creates the perception that they are not worth investing in because the next The Walking Dead spinoff will forget what happened in the previous one. The World Beyond will probably never return, which means its mysteries will have to be answered elsewhere, otherwise it becomes a huge waste of time. The post-credits scene is important to the larger universe, emphasizing that it cannot be ignored and left unexplained. The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon could be a huge part of The Walking Dead’s storyline and tie many different shows together. However, it also risks ruining aspects of the franchise’s shared universe and turning viewers away from investing in what happens next.

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